Electronic Applications of Metallic Thin Films: New Materials and Processes

  • Kimerling L.

Metallic thin films play a critical role in electronic devices and circuits as interconnects, gates, Schottky barriers and ohmic contacts. While high conductivity is a necessary property, compatibility with integrated circuit processing dominates the choice of materials.

Stochastic Models of Queue Storage

  • Coffman E.
  • Flatto L.
  • Knessl C.
  • Mitrani I.
  • Shepp L.

We study a model of queue storage in which items (requests for single units of storage) arrive in a Poisson stream at rate lambda, and are accommodated by the first available location in a linear scan of storage.

An Experimental Analysis of Replicated Copy Control During Site Failure and Recovery

  • Bhargava B.
  • Noll P.
  • Sabo D.

This research is an attempt to understand the effects of failures in replicated copy control on distributed database systems. The function of replicated copy control is to maintain the consistency of copies during periods of site failure and recovery. The objectives of our research are to examine the effect of ...

An Assessment of The Survivability and Performance of The AT&T 5ESS(TM) Switch in a Simulated Hemp Environment

  • Beauchamp N.
  • Fuller D.
  • Harris J.
  • Polakos P.
  • Spata D.

At the request of the National Communications System, AT&T recently conducted and EMP assessment of the 5ESS(TM) Switch. Its purpose was to firmly establish the ability of the 5ESS Switch to physically survive EMP, and to study its ability to continue operating without operator intervention follonwing one or more EMP ...

Network Applications of Speech Technology

  • Tschirgi J.

Communication between people seems to occur most naturally via speech. Although desirable, it is not as easy today to have the same quality communication between people and computers. Yet, recent advances in automatic speech recognition, speech coding and synthesis and text- to-speech synthesis technologies offer new opportunities for the performance ...

PARAL: A Library of Parallel Algorithms for the Hypercube Architecture

  • Sugla B.

Introduction: In this abstract we describe PARAL - a library of parallel algorithms which is currently underway. PARAL seeks to alleviate the task of large scale application programming by providing a diverse set of routine which can be called by a program in a fashion similar to the library routines ...

Tuning the Interaction Between Spin-Singlet and Spin-Triplet States of Double Donors with Stress

  • Bergman K.
  • Grimmeiss H.
  • Grossmann G.
  • Holm C.
  • Stavola M.
  • Wagner P.

The interaction of the spin-singlet and spin-triplet terms of the 1s(A sub 1)1s(T sub 2) configuration under uniaxial stress, previously reported for Si:Se sup 0, is studied for Si:Te sup 0 where the spin-orbit interaction is much larger. For Si:Te sup 0 spin-triplet states are already observable at zero stress.

Statistical Process Control and Quality/Reliability Assurance for the Contract "Qualification Procedures for VHSIC/VLSI"

  • Chan C.
  • Menendez M.

1. INTRODUCTION: The role of SPC/QRA (Statistical Process Control and Quality/Reliability Assurance) in the generic qualification approach, developed for the contract "Qualification Procedures for VHSIC/VLSI", differs from the traditional QRA role in that QRA is not a function to assure product quality and reliability downstream in the manufacturing line.

Review of 'Issues Related to Field Reliability and Warranty Data A New Goodness-of-Fit-Test for Randomly Censored Data with Applications to Field Tracking Studies'

  • Amster S.

The two papers by Robinson and McDonald, and Kitchin and Fagerstrom, are examples of two extremely different approaches to the problems of Field Tracking Studies. This review will suggest some difficulties with the approach and some possible modifications for improvement.

Charge Transport and Intrinsic Bistability in Resonant Tunneling Structures

  • Cunningham J.
  • Goldman V.
  • Tsui D.

We report measurements of current-voltage characteristics or AlGaAs/GaAs double-barrier resonant tunneling structures (DBRTS) which exhibit intrinsic bistability.

A Simple Procedure for Measuring Iso-Loudness Contours

  • Allen J.
  • Chien P.
  • Hall J.

We have devised a procedure for measuring iso-loudness contours in normal and hearing-impaired subjects similar to that used by Geller and Margolis (J. Speech and Hearing Research 27, 20-27 (1984)). The stimuli are bursts of noise 1/2 octave wide, centered at 1-octave intervals from 250 Hz to 4 kHz.

Investigation of a Model of Loudness

  • Chien P.
  • Hall J.

A model of loudness summation Schroeder, Atal, and Hall [JASA 566, 1647-1652 (1979)], which was used by them to provide an objective quality measure of digital speech coding, is being investigated.

New Views of the Human Body: Looking the Outside in.

  • Jelinski L.

The ultimate dream of modern medicine is to be able to look around, accurately, inside the human body without cutting it open. New and advanced technologies are beginning to realize this dream.

Local Invariance in Hierarchical Models of Sequence Production

  • Knoll R.
  • Sternberg S.

Most models of sequence production termed "hierarchical" (including tree-traversal models) have a property of local invariance: The timing of some subsequences is invariant with changes in the nature or number of noncontiguous context elements.

High Performance Connected Digit Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models

  • Rabiner L.
  • Soong F.
  • Wilpon J.

SUMMARY: Rsearch in automatic recognition of connected digit strings has progressed to the point where almost all aspects of the recognizer have been studied, and locally optimized for maximum performance [1].

12 to 16 kb/s Speech Coders in Telecommunications

  • Cox R.

Speech coders in the 12 to 16 kb/s range are now beginning to be used for a wide variety of applications in telecommunications. These codecs are usually more expensive than conventional 32 or 64 kb/s codecs.