Multicathode gas-tube counters

  • Hough G.H.
  • Ridler D.S.

The history of counting with gas tubes in briefly surveyed. A new type of multicathode (10-point) counter is described. This tube, the S.T.C. G10/240E, differs from the Remtron [Abstr. 1950B00750] and the Dekatron [Abstr. 1950B03000] by virtue of (a) higher speed, 25 kc/s max., (b)constraining the discharge to rotate in ...

Linear electron accelerator to one million volts

  • King G.
  • Lewin L.
  • Starr A.T.

Describes an E0 guide with irises, in which electrons may be accelerated to about 1.2 MeV. The X-ray output, with 0.6 MW input at 10 cm wavelength, was 0.5 r/min at 1 m target distance at a beam current of 60 mA. A maximum beam current of 400 mA was ...

Electromechanical distributor for sorting mail

  • Neyt C.B.
  • Nijs L.J.G.
  • Scheuer S.

One unit of the system comprises 4 operating desks, to which letters are automatically fed, together with a distributor. Each letter is held before the operator long enough for a 3-number code to be punched on a keyboard. The letter then passes to one of an endless chain of boxes ...

Theory of space-charge waves in cylindrical waveguides with many beams

  • Parzen P.

The interaction of electron beams is studied and the two cases of two thin annular beams coaxially disposed in a circular waveguide, and of a waveguide filled with a mixture of two electron beams, are considered. For annular beams the effect of beam spacing on gain and bandwidth are considered. ...

Linear electron accelerator to one million volts

  • King G.
  • Lewin L.
  • Starr A.T.

Describes an E0 guide with irises, in which electrons may be accelerated to about 1.2 MeV. The X-ray output of 60mA. A maximum beam current of 400mA was available.

Glide-slope receiver

  • Davis R.C.

A description is given, together with performance specification, block diagram and a few circuit details, of a new receiver, Type 154A, for operation in the frequency range 329.3-335.0 Mc/s. Twenty frequency-determining crystals are provided, any one of which can be selected via a bank of 11 relays. Except for the ...

Low-noise traveling-wave tube

  • Bryant J.H.
  • Parzen P.
  • Peifer A.G.

An expression for the theoretical noise factor is given and the method of measurement is described. The tube is all-metal with coaxial input and output connections. Over the band 4200-5200 Mc/s the gain is 15 db and the n.f. 10 db. The max. voltage is 650 V and the beam ...

Netherlands-Denmark coaxial-cable system

  • Fairley F.
  • Larsen K.L.
  • Visser J.T.

On the main submarine section, 263 km, two independent solid-polythene-insulated coaxial cables, each with two submerged repeaters, are laid along parallel tracks. Each cable carries 36 channels in both directions, using the frequency band 24-168 kc/s in one direction and 208-352 kc/s in the other. Each submerged repeater employs a ...

Some applications of cold-cathode tubes to switching systems

  • Simon S.

The structure and operating characteristics of the cold-cathode tube 2313 are described. The time for the full transfer process to take place is of the order of 100 musec, while the deionization time is ngt 10 msec. As the tube suffers no deterioration when not in use, intermittent operation under ...

Determination of electron density and collision frequency in a gaseous discharge by microwave propagation measurements

  • Geiger R.H.
  • Godstein L.
  • Lampert M.A.

From measurements of absorption and phase shift of microwaves passing through a discharge, several wavelengths long, in a waveguide the electron densities and collision frequencies may be deduced if at least two frequencies are used. Results are quoted for argon discharges at 0.5 and 2 mm Hg pressure and for ...

Remote control of electrified railways

  • Lauvergeon M.

A brief outline is given of the evolution of remote control systems utilizing telephone switching equipment to the supervisory control of traction sub-stations, and references are made to early installations in the Paris area. The chief features of the installation (1947) on the Nicircmes-Seacutete section (40 miles, 5 sub-stations) of ...

A new fixed-beam approach system

  • Hampshire R.A.

Consists of a dual-beam localizer operating in the range 108 to 112 Mc/s and a glide slope equipment operating between 329 and 335 Mc/s. It works interchangeably with existing instrument-approach-system equipment. The normal localizer has two very narrow beams, one modulated at 90 c/s and the other at 150 c/s ...

Navaglobe-Navarho long-range radio navigational system

  • Clark C.T.
  • Colin R.I.
  • Dishal M.
  • Gordy I.
  • Rogoff M.

Long-range air navigation to date has been done by dead reckoning. This involves complicated calculations and measurements by trained navigators. Navaglobe is being developed to give a continuous bearing of the aircraft from a fixed point and Navarho to give both range and bearing. Examination showed that if reliable day-in ...

Mechanism of rectification in vacuum-tube diodes at microwave frequencies

  • Papp G.

Expressions for the frequency variation of the rectification and the dependence on ratio of standing current to the saturation current are obtained which are valid for a cylindrical diode in a low-impedance circuit. Since, at h.f., the permittivity of the diode is a positive number of order unity the h.f. ...

Principles of 7E rotary telephone switching system

  • Den Hertogm.
  • Kruithof J.

The system is one in which the switching apparatus and the subscribers' line circuit are electronically controlled, the actual connections being made by 100-point power-driven rotary switches. Single-motion selector switches are controlled by the register so that they hunt for particular potentials on the test leads of the outlets, these ...

Linear sweep-voltage generators and precision amplitude comparator using transistors

  • Merrill L.C.
  • Slater T.L.

Design requirements for transistor bootstrap and Miller integrator circuits are discussed and typical circuits illustrated. To achieve 0.1% linearity a special compensating network is necessary for the bootstrap circuit. Miller integrator linearity is better than this using three grounded emitter stages with a bandwidth of 100 kc/s, resulting in good ...

Capacitance of shielded balanced-pair transmission line

  • Gent A.W.

A formula for the capacitance is derived by the method of images together with a formula for the capacitance of an unscreened balanced pair in a circular cylinder of dielectric whose permittivity differs from that of the surrounding medium. The range of validity of the formulae is shown to be ...

Cathode-follower phase-shift oscillator

  • Samuels J.C.

Expressions are given for the frequency and required gain of the Colpitts oscillator with grounded anode, and for standard and cathode follower forms with RLC and RC phase-shifting networks. An experimental Colpitts oscillator for 24.5 kc/s and an RC oscillator for 137 c/s are described. The cathode follower types are ...

Polythene-insulated video-pair cables

This type of cable has insulation formed from polyethylene string and tape. Two insulated conductors are twisted together with fillers to form a balanced pair. A longitudinal copper tape with an outer helically-applied tape forms the screen. This cable can be made using the normal paper cable machines, and its ...