32×10 Gbit/s transmission over 8000 km using hybrid Raman-erbium doped fiber optical amplifiers

  • Gautheron O.
  • Laval C.
  • Leroy J.
  • Marmier P.

A 32×10 Gbit/s transmission experiment over 8000 km has been carried out using hybrid optical amplifiers composed of Raman and erbium doped fiber amplifiers. Active gain equalization based on amplification has been also demonstrated

A novel, aerosol-nanocrystal floating-gate device for non-volatile memory applications

  • Atwater H.
  • Baumann F.
  • Bude J.
  • Cirelli R.
  • De Blauwe J.
  • Ferry E.
  • Flagan R.
  • Grazul J.
  • Green M.
  • Hillenius S.
  • Kerber A.
  • Kim Y.
  • Klemens F.
  • Lee J.
  • Mansfield W.
  • Ostraat M.
  • Sorsch T.
  • Weber G.

This paper describes the fabrication, and structural and electrical characterization of a new, aerosol-nanocrystal floating-gate FET, aimed at non-volatile memory (NVM) applications. This aerosol-nanocrystal NVM device features program/erase characteristics comparable to conventional stacked gate NVM devices, excellent endurance (>105 P/E cycles), and long-term non-volatility in spite of a thin bottom ...

Optical networking application in various tier networks

  • Jingcui Cui

Summary form only given. DWDM technology has emerged as the leading solution for high-speed transmission to dramatically change the underlying characteristics of backbone networks. While DWDM has already proven its worth in long-haul networks, its role in metropolitan area networks and access networks is just beginning to take shape. The ...

Long term field demonstration of optical PMD compensation on an installed OC-192 link

  • Anthony J.
  • Bush A.
  • Chbat M.
  • Desthieux B.
  • Fevrier H.
  • Fuerst T.
  • Lanne S.
  • Penninckx D.
  • Soignb J.

We demonstrate the world's first long term optical PMD compensation for an OC-192 (9.95328 Gb/s SONET) signal on the installed fiber infrastructure of a network operator in East Texas. With a line PMD of 30 ps, BER improvement greater than 4 orders of magnitude has been achieved

Indoor wireless LANs deployment

  • Eikelenboom A.
  • Kamerman A.
  • Moelard H.
  • Prasad A.
  • Prasad N.

Wireless local area networks (WLANs) most commonly use the Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) frequency band, at 2.4 GHz. Although there have been a variety of proprietary solutions, the IEEE approved a standard, 802.11, that organizes this technology. Planning the network, which fulfills the requirements of the user in such ...

For a flexible and scaleable ATM connection management: experiments

  • Charton N.

This paper presents experiments carried out with a TINA-based service, in the area of ATM connection management. Conclusions are reported on the flexibility of the service, with respect to its modularity, ease of use and deployment, as well as on its performance and scalability characteristics

A state-of-the-art of HIPERLAN/2

  • Prasad N.
  • Teunissen H.

HIPERLAN (high-performance radio local area network) is a radio-based local area networking (RLAN) solution. It is intended for wireless connectivity between PC, laptops, workstations, servers, printers and other networking equipment for the connection of data networks within a building, providing a more flexible and possibly, a more economic approach to ...

Foveated video image analysis and compression gain measurements

  • Bovik A.
  • Sanghoon Lee

We present a framework for assessing the quality of, and determining the efficiency of foveated and compressed images and video streams. We develop unique algorithms for assessing the quality of foveated image/video data. By interpreting foveation as a coordinate transformation, we analyze the increase in compression efficiency that is afforded ...

340 Gb/s (34*10 Gb/s, 50 GHz spacing DWDM) straight line transmission over 6380 km with full system implementation assessment

  • Bassier G.
  • Bourret G.
  • Collet J.
  • Marcerou J.
  • Petel F.
  • Uhel R.
  • Vareille G.

We report the first demonstration of 340 Gb/s, 50 GHz DWDM straight-line transmission over 6380 km with performance fully consistent with transatlantic plant installation

Frame erasure concealment using sinusoidal analysis-synthesis and its application to MDCT-based codecs

  • Aguilar G.
  • Juin-Hwey Chen
  • Parikh V.

This paper presents a frame erasure concealment algorithm based on sinusoidal analysis-synthesis and its application to MDCT-based codecs. When a frame is lost, sinusoidal analysis of the previously decoded and buffered signal is performed. The analysis gives a set of sinusoids, which are used to synthesize the waveform corresponding to ...

A mathematical model for defect impact based on in-line vs test data correlations

  • Cruceta S.
  • Fernandez A.
  • James D.
  • Lorenzo A.
  • Oter D.

This paper describes the methodology used to build a mathematical model to determine the yield impact of particles in integrated circuits, known as “Kill Ratio” (KR). The Kill Ratio represents the probability that a certain particle of a given size at a given inspection step will cause the failure of ...

Social science, technical systems, and cooperative work: beyond the great divide

  • Bowker G.
  • Gasser L.
  • Star S.
  • Turner W.

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On fundamental issues in IP over WDM multicast

  • Chunming Qiao
  • Wei J.
  • Xijun Zhang

As WDM technology matures, IP over WDM multicast will become a challenging new topic. Supporting multicast at the WDM layer provides additional advantages, but also raises many new issues that do not exist in IP multicast. For example, the limitation on the light splitting capability of switches is one major ...

Properties of hybrid strip-map/spotlight spaceborne SAR processing

  • Henrion S.
  • Planes J.
  • Savy L.

In this paper, traditional airborne SAR focusing algorithms are extended to the spatial configuration. The ω-k algorithm, chirp scaling algorithm with or without secondary range compression are expressed and developed for the spaceborne case with their limitations. A signal processing algorithm for hybrid strip-map/spotlight spaceborne SARs is also proposed

Design and manufacture of dispersion compensating fibre for simultaneous compensation of dispersion and dispersion slope

  • Edvold B.
  • Gruner-Nielsen L.
  • Knudsen S.
  • Larsen C.
  • Veng T.

The negative dispersion slope of dispersion-compensating fibers has been optimized by increasing the width of the depressed cladding. Simultaneous compensation and dispersion slope has been demonstrated on an actual link

Rapid service development on a TINA-based service deployment platform

  • Bakker J.
  • Batteram H.
  • Verhoosel J.
  • Wibbels M.

This paper reports on the experiences with the development of services on a TINA-based service deployment platform. Within the MESH (Multimedia services on the electronic super highway) project, such a platform is developed based on TINA service architecture 5.0. Various services have been developed on top of this platform using ...

Diffusion of atomic silicon in gallium arsenide.

  • Chiu T.
  • Schubert E.
  • Stark J.
  • Tell B.

Silicon-impurities with an initial Dirac-delta-function- like distribution profile are diffused into GaAs using rapid thermal annealing. The diffusion of atomic Si is determined by a novel method, i.e. by a comparison of experimental capacitance-voltage profiles with corresponding self consistently calculated profiles. Capacitance-voltage profiles broaden from 30angstroms to 137angstroms upon rapid ...

Heat capacity peaks observed at the blue phase transitions in compounds of different purities.

  • Cladis P.
  • Goodby J.
  • Taborek P.

Measurements in three compounds of differing purity show that for the latent heats of blue phase transitions determined by high resolution and slow temperature scanning calorimetry (10 sup (-3 C/min) there is a correlation between blue phase stability and material purity. The data suggest that materials with less than ~ ...

Strontium Titanate: An Index to the Literature on Properties and the growth of Single Crystals.

  • Miller A.
  • Nassau K.

In view of the importance of SrTiO sub 3 single crystal as a substrate for epitaxial high temperature superconducting films, crystal growth is underway by the tricone Verneuil technique. In connection with this a detailed index to the literature covering over 100 published papers and other sources on the growth ...


  • Goodkind J.
  • Platzman P.
  • Saville G.

We report the discovery of a density dependent critical temperature for electrons trapped on the surface of liquid Helium. Above this critical temperature a finite fraction of the electrons escapes rapidly from the surface into the vacuum. The critical temperature increases with decreasing density.