Relationship between Plasma Damage, SILC and Gate-Oxide Reliability

  • Chang C.
  • Cheung K.
  • Ciampa N.
  • Clemens J.
  • Colonell J.
  • Lai W.
  • Liu C.
  • Liu R.
  • Lu Q.
  • Miner J.
  • Pai C.
  • Vaidya H.

The "doom's day curve" from IBM is revisited. The early part of the SILC growth curve is shown to be where the trap generation rate is extracted for scaling limit calculation. The very same part of the curve is also shown to be dominated by latent defects caused by plasma-charging ...

Design of Efficient Erasure Codes with Differential Evolution

  • Shokrollahi M.
  • Storn R.

The design of practical and powerful codes for protection against erasures in digital communication can be reduced to optimizing solutions of a highly nonlinear constraint satisfaction problem [LMS+97]. In this paper, we will attack this problem using the Differential Evolution approach [PS97] and significantly improve results previously obtained using classical ...

Structures of Chiral Smectic-C Mesophases Revealed by Polarization-Analyzed Resonant X-Ray Scattering

  • Baltes H.
  • Barois P.
  • Furenlid L.
  • Goodby J.
  • Hird M.
  • Huang C.
  • Levelut A.
  • Mach P.
  • Nguyen H.
  • Pindak R.
  • Seed A.

We report polarization-analyzed, resonant x-ray diffraction at the sulfer K edge performed upon freestanding liquid-crystal films. Our studies of the thiobenzoate enantiomer 100TBBB1M7 yield the polarization states of resonant satellite peaks arising from characteristic superlattices in SmC sub A*, SmC sub (FI1)*, SmC sub (FI2)*, and SmC sub (alpha) phases. ...

Ising Pyrochlore Magnets: Low Temperature Properties, Ice Rules and Beyond

  • Cava R.
  • Hayashi A.
  • Ramirez A.
  • Rosenkranz S.
  • Shastry B.
  • Siddharthan R.

Pyrochlore magnets are candidates for spin-ice behavior. We present theoretical simulations of relevance for the pyrochlore family R sub 2 Ti sub 2 O sub 7 (R=rare earth) supported by magnetothermal measurements on selected systems. By considering long ranged dipole-dipole as well as short-ranged superexchange interactions we get three distinct ...

Synchrotron X-ray Study of the q-fold quasicrystalline symmetry of the Smectic C Twist Grain Boundary phase (TGB sub c)

  • Barois P.
  • Heidelbach F.
  • Navailles L.
  • Nguyen H.
  • Nobili M.
  • Petit M.
  • Pindak R.
  • Riekel C.

We report the first X-ray investigation of spatial variations of the q-fold quasicrystalline symmetry (so-called commensurability) of well-aligned TGB sub c samples. A spatial resolution of 20x40 micron sup 2 was achieved using the ESRF microfocus beamline. The liquid crystal samples, contained between glass plates which were either parallel or ...

High Density, High Performance Optical Data Storage via Volume Holography: Viability at Last?

  • Boyd C.
  • Campbell S.
  • Curtis K.
  • Dhar L.
  • Hale A.
  • Harris A.
  • Hill A.
  • Katz H.
  • Schilling M.
  • Schnoes M.
  • Tackitt M.
  • Wilson W.

The long held promise of using volume holography to deliver high performance optical storage is reviewed. The problems, which limited the development for many years, are assessed. Finally, we describe a series of innovations, which may make the technology viable at last. The manuscript results from an invited paper presented ...

Cross-Domain Approximate String Matching

  • Lopresti D.
  • Wilfong G.

Approximate string matching is an important paradigm in domains ranging from speech recognition to information retrieval and molecular biology. In this paper, we introduce a new formalism for a class of applications that takes two strings as input, each specified in terms of a particular domain, and performs a comparison ...

A New Structural Model for Si/SiO sub 2 Interfaces Derived from Spherosiloxane Clusters: Implications for Si 2p Photoemission Spectroscopy

  • Eng J.
  • Raghavachari K.

Si 2p photoemission is perhaps the most widely used technique for studying the structure of the Si/SiO sub 2 interface. Traditionally, these spectra have been interpreted based on the formal oxidation state model, where the binding energy of the Si 2p core level increases nearly linearly with the number of ...

J-Ramp on sub-3nm Dielectrics: Noise as a Breakdown Criterion

  • Alers G.
  • Frei M.
  • Monroe D.
  • Weir B.

An alternate criterion of failure for very thin oxides is proposed that can reliably detect the occurrence of both soft breakdown and hard breakdown during accelerated stress tests. We show that an increase in current noise that occurs at oxide breakdown can be detected rapidly with commercial test equipment even ...

Evidence from Spectral Emissometry for Conduction Intraband Transitions in the Intrinsic Regime for Silicon

  • Abedrabbo S.
  • Fiory A.
  • Hensel J.
  • Ravindra N.

From emissometry measurements in lightly doped Si at elevated temperatures we have observed an anomalous absorption band in the wavelength range of 1-5 microns. The wavelength at which the band peak, lambda ~~ 2.3 micron, shows a negligible dependence on temperature while the peak intensity increases with temperature presumably as ...

B Cluster Formation and Dissolution in Si: A Scenario Based on Atomistic Modeling

  • Barbolla J.
  • Gilmer G.
  • Gossmann H.
  • Jaraiz M.
  • Pelaz L.
  • Rafferty C.

A comprehensive model of the nucleation, growth and dissolution of B clusters in Si is presented. We analyze the activation of B in implanted Si on the basis of detailed interactions between B and defects in Si. In the model, the nucleation of B clusters requires a high interstitial supersaturation, ...

Class-Based Buffer Management using Early Fair Drop

  • Bruno J.
  • Mandhana T.
  • Ozden B.
  • Silberschatz A.

Previously, we introduced a new buffer management policy called Early Fair Drop (EFD) to be used in conjunction with per-flow queuing and link scheduling, and experimentally showed that EFD outperforms other known drop policies. The superior performance of EFD is due to its "early signaling" mechanism calculating when to drop ...

Generalized Multiple Description Coding with Correlating Transforms

  • Goyal V.
  • Kovacevic J.

Multiple description (MD) coding is source coding in which several descriptions of the source are produced such that various reconstruction qualities are obtained with different subsets of the descriptions. Unlike multiresolution or layered source coding, there is no hierarchy of descriptions; thus, MD coding is suitable for erasure channels or ...

The Statistics of PMD-Induced Chromatic Fiber Dispersion

  • Foschini G.
  • Jopson R.
  • Kogelnik H.
  • Nelson L.

We present a statistical description of polarization dependent chromatic dispersion (PCD) in optical fibers due to second order polarization mode dispersion (PMD). This chromatic dispersion is the cause of pulse broadening and compression of the signal components propagating in the principal states of polarization. We show here that, remarkably, the ...

Normalization, windowing and quantization of soft-decision Viterbi decoder inputs in CDMA system

  • Lee Y.
  • Lou H.

In a Code Division Multiple Access system, a Rake receiver is used to demodulate the received multipath signals. At the output of the Rake receiver, a large dynamic range can occur depending on the channel condition and the number of multipaths received. After the Rake receiver, the demodulated signal is ...

Undecidability of Partial Order Logics

  • Alur R.
  • Peled D.

In this paper, we prove the undecidability of certain temporal logics over partial orders. Our proof is generic and can be applied to characterize various temporal operators that cannot be used for automatic verification (model checking).

On the Design of Coplanar Bond Wires as Transmission Lines

  • Goossen K.

Wire bonds are typically thought of as lumped electrical parasitic elements, and the usual design methodology is to make them as short as possible. Here another scenario is shown where the wire bonds may be thought of as transmission lines. Specifically, the practical system of "coplanar wires" is analyzed. If ...

Declustering Using Golden Ratio Sequences

  • Bhatia R.
  • Chen C.
  • Sinha R.

In this paper, we propose a new data declustering scheme for range queries. Our scheme is based on Golden Ratio Sequences (GRS), which have found applications in broadcast disks, hashing, packet routing, etc. GRS are highly regular sequences, in which elements of certain sets are almost uniformly distributed. For declustering ...

Dopant Dose Loss at the Si-SiO sub 2 Interface

  • Chaudhry S.
  • Eshraghi S.
  • Mckinley J.
  • Mcmacken J.
  • Ning J.
  • Rafferty C.
  • Stevie F.
  • Vuong H.

The phenomenon of dopant dose loss through trapping at the Si-SiO sub 2 interface has important consequences for MOS device fabrication. It represents also a challenge to analytical techniques, since the trapped dopants appear to exist in one or a few monolayer thickness at the interface. In this work, we ...

Anharmonic Adlayer Vibrations on the Si(111):H Surface

  • Chabal Y.
  • Dvorak A.
  • Honke R.
  • Jakob P.
  • Mayer A.
  • Pavone P.
  • Schroder U.
  • Stigler W.
  • Tausendpfund S.

Using infrared absorption spectroscopy, the frequency and linewidth of the H-stretching vibration on the Si(111):H-(1x1) surface has been measured over a temperature range of 14-350K. An ab initio calculation of the temperature dependence of the anharmonic frequency shift and the intrinsic linewidth of this mode has been carried out, which ...