Models for Predicting the Cost-Effectiveness of Tools (NOT KNOWN IF PUBLISHED BECAUSE AUTHOR HAS LEFT AT&T)

  • Emerson T.

1. Introduction: The most important step in the transfer of software engineering tool technology is the managerial decision to incorporate a new tool into routine use in the development process. This decision requires some form of cost/benefit analysis; and if this analysis is to be anything more than a subjective ...

New Opportunitied in Material Science: The Use of Synchrotron Radiation as A Research Tool

  • Schluter M.

We present the results of calculations which address the relationship between quasiparticles in semiconductors (excited- state properties) and density-functional theory (which describes the electronic ground state). We calculate the self-energy in the GW approximation, which we then use (i) to calculate the quasiparticle energies from solving Dyson's equation with this ...

Effects of Deposition Thickness and Substrate Type on the Properties of GaAs-on-Si

  • Abernathy C.
  • Caruso R.
  • Jordan A.
  • Pearton S.
  • Vernon S.

The heteroepitaxial growth of GaAs substrates offers the potential for the eventual integration of optical devices with electrical circuits, and on a shorter time scale, the replacement of brittle GaAs substrates with larger diameter mechanically stronger Si wafers. The growth of a polar semiconductor (GaAs) on a non-polar substrate (Si) ...

Superconductivity of High T sub c Oxide Thin Films

  • Kwo J.

Various methods including sputtering and molecular beam epitaxy, have been employed to prepare high T sub c oxide films mostly in the Y-Ba-Cu-O system.

Alkoxide-Derived Silica Gels: Energetics, Composition, Structure and Changes on Heating

  • Maniar P.
  • Navrotsky A.
  • Rabinovich E.
  • Wood D.

We are investigating acid and base catalyzed alkoxide derived silica gels to determine the degree of metastability w.r.t. bulk glass, examine the surface and structural features, study the effect of temperature, to establish the relative roles of surface, bulk compositions and effects of volatiles to this metastability.

Solid State NMR Studies of High Performance Polymers

  • Tonelli A.

With the advent of such techniques as cross polarization of magnetization high power proton dipolar decoupling, and high speed magic angle sample spinning, it is now possible to routinely obtain high resolution sup 13 C NMR spectra of solid polymers.

Direct Electrical Communication Between Chemically Modified Enzymes and Metal Electrodes: III. Electron-Transfer Relay Modified Glucose Oxidase and D-Amino-Acid Oxidase

  • Degani Y.
  • Heller A.

Reduced glucose oxidase and D-amino-acid oxidase do not directly transfer electrons to metal or carbon electrodes, because the distance between their redox centers and the electrodes' surface exceeds, even on closest approach, the distance across which electrons are transferred are sufficient rates.

Sizing An Inverter With A Precise Delay: Generation of Complementary Signals With Minimal Skew and Pulse Width Distortion In CMOS

  • Argade P.

A general procedure is presented to size an inverter which has a precise pull up and pull down delay driving a specified capacitive load. It uses a Newton-Raphson procedure to numerically size the transistors.

VHSIC Insertion Into The Enhanced Modular Signal Processor

  • Jordan R.
  • Mario M.

In 1984, Congress designated EMSP for VHSIC insertion. At that time, it was decided to use VHSIC technology as the means of expanding the functionality of the EMSP.

The C Programming Language--Past, Present and Future

  • Kernighan B.

No abstract. Patent approved.

Why Get Excited About Recent Advances in Superconductivity?

  • Patel C.

No abstract. From a Patent standpoint it is not necessary for ED's to get a clearance.

Review of the APS Report on Science and Technology of Directed Energy Weapons

  • Patel C.

No abstract. From a Patent standpoint, it is not necessary fo ED's to send out for clearance.

Integrating the Design/Manufacturing Team

  • Myers F.

Viewgraphs in typed form.

Processing of High T sub c Oxide Superconductors

  • Johnson D.

Ceramic processing methods have been used to prepare high T sub c superconductors in both the La sub (2-x)Sr sub (x)CuO sub (4-8) system and the Ba sub 2 YCu sub 3 O sub (9-8) system. Using tape casting technology, thin sheets of flexible tape have been fabricated from powders ...

Digital Finite-Impulse-Response Filtering of Transmitted Data Signals for Nyquist Channels

  • Debus W.
  • Siller C.

Digital filtering as a means of precise spectral control plays an important role in advanced data communication systems, where it offers benefits ranging from crosstalk interference suppression to bandwidth-efficient Nyquist channels. In the paper the authors describe a novel approach for digitally shaping transmitted M-state signals, one that is based ...

Electrochemistry of Self-Assembled Thiol Monolayers on Gold

  • Chidsey C.
  • Loiacono D.

The increasing sophistication of the preparation of organized molecular assemblies on electrode surfaces promises unprecedented spatial control of events at the electrode-solution interface. In this paper we report on the structure and defects of a range of organic chalcogenides adsorbed on gold.

Data Communications for Air Traffic Control

  • Lehnert T.

Problems in our air transport system are prominent in the news: delayed and canceled flights, overworked controllers, and near mid-air collisions make regular headlines. The Federal Aviation Administration's solution to these problems is an overhaul of the nation's air traffic control system. The plan for the National Airspace System (NAS) ...

Specialized vs. Multi-Functional Product Decisions

  • Moondra S.
  • O'Reilly G.

In designing new telecommunications systems/features and the associated operations support systems, the implementation decisions can take several forms, e.g., enhancing an existing system, developing a new multi-functional system, or developing a specialized single-function system.

Deriving a Subjective Testing Methodology for Digital Circuit Multiplication and Packetized Voice Systems

  • Dvorak C.
  • Rosenberger J.

1. INTRODUCTION: International standards on digital speech processing techniques are produced by Study Group XVIII of the CCITT[1], as discussed in this issue by Decina and Modena[1]. The voice transmission performance of candidate algorithms is evaluated as a key step in making a recommendation for CCITT approval.