Robust Decision Tree State Tying for Continuous Speech Recognition

  • Chou W.
  • Reichl W.

In this paper, methods of improving the robustness and accuracy of acoustic modeling using decision tree based state typing are described. A new two-level segmental clustering approach is devised which combines the decision tree based state tying with agglomerative clustering of rare acoustic phonetic events. In addition, a unified maximum ...

WDM Transmission over Dispersion Shifted Fiber in L-Band with 25dB Span Loss

  • Kantor K.
  • Park S.
  • Pendock G.
  • Sheih S.
  • Srivastava A.
  • Sulhoff J.
  • Sun Y.
  • Wolf C.

We report transmission of twenty 10 Gb/s channels with 100 GHz spacing over four 80 km spans of dispersion shifted fiber in the lower wavelength region of the L-band. The power per channel of 2.5 dBm was large enough to enable low error-rates to be obtained with large span losses ...

Effect of Ramp Rates During Rapid Thermal Annealing of Ion Implanted Boron for the Formation of Ultra-Shallow P-Type Junctions

  • Agarwal A.
  • Fiory A.
  • Gossmann H.

Over the last couple of years manufacturers of rapid thermal annealing (RTA) equipment have been aggressively developing lamp-based furnaces capable of achieving ramp-up rates of the order of hundreds of degrees per second. One of the driving forces for such a strategy was the experimental demonstration of 30-nm p-type junctions ...

Field Acceleration for Oxide Breakdown - Can an Accurate Anode Hole Injection Resolve the E vs 1/E Controversy

  • Alam M.
  • Bude J.
  • Ghetti A.

Concerned by the inability of the Berkeley Anode Hole Injection (B-AHI) model to explain recent experimental breakdown data at low voltages, researchers have speculated on alternate mechanisms for oxide breakdown. The B-AHI predicts an 1/E scaling of the time-to-breakdown (in log scale) for SiO sub 2 films which is inconsistent ...

A 1:4 Demultiplexer for 40 Gbit/s Fiber-Optic Applications

  • Baeyens Y.
  • Chen Y.
  • Dorschky C.
  • Georgiou G.
  • Groepper C.
  • Mattia J.
  • Pullela R.
  • Reinhold M.
  • Schulien C.
  • T. Winkler Von Mbhrenfels
  • Tsai H.
  • Winklervonmohrenfels T.

A four-channel DEMUX for 40 Gbit/s fiber-optic applications is implemented in an InP-based HBT technology. Measurements demonstrate proper 40 Gbit/s operation for a single-ended data input of 0.3 Vpp and a differential clock input of 0.6 Vpp.

Dynamic Behavior in L-Band EDFA

  • Kantor K.
  • Sheih S.
  • Srivastava A.
  • Sulhoff J.
  • Sun Y.

The dynamic response of a L-band EDFA was investigated when different number of channels were dropped. The effective response time constants of the L-band EDFA were observed to be four to five times longer than a C-band EDFA with similar architecture and output power.

Patterned Colloidal Deposition Controlled by Electrostatic and Capillary Forces

  • Aizenberg J.
  • Braun P.
  • Wiltzius P.

We use substrates chemically micro-patterned with anionic and cationic regions to govern the deposition of charged colloidal particles. The direct observation of colloidal assembly suggests that this process include two steps, an initial patterned attachment of colloids to the substrate due to screened electrostatic interactions and an additional ordering of ...

The Robust Proportionate Affine Projection Algorithm for Network Echo Cancellation

  • Benesty J.
  • Gansler T.
  • Gay S.
  • Sondhi M.

Echo cancelers which cover longer impulse responses (>= 64 ms) are desirable. Long responses create a need for more rapidly converging algorithms in order to meet the specifications for network echo cancelers devised by ITU (International Telecommunication Union). In general, faster convergence implies a higher sensitivity to near-end disturbances, especially ...

Gain Flatness of a Planar Optical Waveguide Amplifier

  • Bruce A.
  • Delavaux J.
  • Mcintosh C.
  • Patnaik R.
  • Shmulovich J.
  • Wirstiuk B.

We report on the broad gain and gain flatness spectra (1530-1565nm) of a 14cm long Er sup (3+) doped aluminosilicate waveguide amplifier pumped at 1470nm. We demonstrate its successful use as an in-line amplifier in an 8 channels WDM 155Mbit/s transmission fiber experiment.

Internal Resistance and Carrier Transit Time in PIN Photodetectors

  • Flynn E.

The frequency response of PIN diodes was analyzed by Read in 1958. Starting with one of Maxwell's equations it was shown that the small-signal frequency response of the diode should exhibit a phase delay and amplitude roll-off due to the time T=L/v required for charge carriers to drift across the ...

Dynamic Routing of Bandwidth Guaranteed Tunnels with Restoration

  • Kodialam M.
  • Lakshman T.

This paper presents new algorithms for dynamic routing of restorable bandwidth guaranteed tunnels. Dynamic routing implies routing of requests that arrive one-by-one with no a priori knowledge of future arrivals, and so necessitating use of on-line algorithms. Restorability implies that to successfully route a tunnel both an active path and ...

Stability Analysis of a Digitally-Controlled Battery Plant

  • Thottuvelil V.
  • Verghese G.

Digital control is now being applied to control the plant voltage and current sharing among paralleled rectifiers in a telecommunications battery plant application. To ensure robust performance and maintain the reliability of the plant under a variety of different operating conditions, the stability of the system needs to be known. ...

The Ballistic Nano-Transistor

  • Bourdelle K.
  • Bude J.
  • Forsyth G.
  • Garno J.
  • Gossmann H.
  • Green M.
  • Kim Y.
  • Kleiman R.
  • Klemens F.
  • Kornblit A.
  • Lochstampfor C.
  • Mansfield W.
  • Moccio S.
  • Sorsch T.
  • Tennant D.
  • Timp G.
  • Timp W.
  • Tung R.

The viability of sub-50nm CMOS technology is contingent upon the drive current performance. Improvements in the drive performance can be used to derate the power supply voltage, thereby improving reliability and reducing power dissipation. The drive performance of a conventional MOSFET is dictated by the thickness of the SiO sub ...

Metastability of Breather Modes of Time Dependent Potentials

  • Miller P.
  • Soffer A.
  • Weinstein M.

We study the solutions of linear Schrodinger equations in which the potential energy is a periodic function of time and is sufficiently localized in space. We consider the potential to be close to one that is time periodic and yet explicitly solvable. A large family of such potentials has been ...

Low-noise 1-Watt Er/Yb Fiber Amplifier for CATV Distribution in HFC and FTTH/C Systems

  • Delavaux J.
  • Fishteyn M.
  • Ryazansky I.
  • Stentz A.
  • Wilson G.
  • Windeler R.

A low-noise 1-W cladding-pumped Er/Yb fiber amplifier amplifies analog video signals from a 50-km supertrunk and delivers them to 256 nodes in a standard HFC architecture or 512 fiber nodes in a FTTH/C system.

A 3GHz, 32 dB CMOS Limiting Amplifier for SONET OC-48 Receivers

  • Fischer W.
  • Sackinger E.

A CMOS limiting amplifier with a bandwidth of 3 GHz, a gain of 32 dB, and a sensitivity of 2.2 mV sub (pp) (@ BER = 10 sup (-12)) consumes 53mW and is fabricated in a standard 2.5 V, 0.25 micron CMOS technology. Inversely scaled amplifier stages and active inductors ...

High Breakdown Voltage Au/Pt/GaN Schottky Diodes

  • Cao X.
  • Chi G.
  • Chu S.
  • Chuo C.
  • Chyi J.
  • Dang G.
  • Han J.
  • Lee C.
  • Mshewa M.
  • Pearton S.
  • Ren R.
  • Wilson R.
  • Zhang A.

Au/Pt/GaN Schottky diode rectifiers were fabricated with reverse breakdown voltage (V sub (RB)) up to 550 V on vertically depleting structures and >2000 V on lateral devices. The figure-of-merit (V sub (RB)) sup 2/R sub (ON), when R sub (ON) is the on-state resistance, had values between 4.2-48MW dot cm ...

Phase Engineering Applied to Integrated Optical Filters

  • Bruce A.
  • Cappuzzo M.
  • Gomez L.
  • Lenz G.
  • Madsen C.

Optical allpass filters are a tool for engineering a desired frequency-dependent phase response. Recent results on integrated allpass filters for dispersion compensation and (de)multiplexing in WDM systems are reviewed as well as other potential applications.

High Voltage GaN Schottky Rectifiers

  • Cao X.
  • Cho H.
  • Chu S.
  • Chuo C.
  • Chyi J.
  • Dang G.
  • Han J.
  • Lee C.
  • Pearton S.
  • Ren F.
  • Wilson R.
  • Zhang A.

Mesa and planar GaN Schottky diode rectifiers with reverse breakdown voltages (V sub (RB)) up to 550V and >2000V, respectively, have been fabricated. The on-state resistance, R sub (ON), was 6m OMEGA dot cm sup 2 and 0.8 OMEGA cm sup 2, respectively, producing figure-of-merit values for (V sub (RB)) ...

A New Control Method for Synchronous-Switch Post Regulator

  • Tang W.

A new control method is presented for controlling the primary-side switch of a synchronized switch post regulator (SSPR). By employing this control scheme, the trailing-edge modulation can be used for the secondary-side switch(s) of SSPR. Hence, the dynamic responses of the post-regulated channel(s) are decoupled from that of the main ...