June 08, 2020

SLAMORE: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with Object Recognition for 3D Radio Environment Reconstruction

  • Liao Q.

To enable accurate yet efficient 3D radio propagation modeling in dynamic environment, we rise to the challenge of effectively extracting and reconstructing the 3D radio propagation environment. We propose a feature and object-based monocular SLAM algorithm called SLAMORE, that can detect, track, localize, and reconstruct the major obstacles for electromagnetic waves. The embedded convolutional object detector recognizes objects as major obstacles, poses adaptive constraints to associate the 3D map points with the objects, and provides reference to estimate the room scale and real world coordinate. We conduct a proof of concept in an office environment and show that the mean absolute percentage errors for room size estimation and object position estimation achieve approximately 2.5-6% and 2-3%, respectively. We also show that SLAMORE is a viable method to enable efficient 3D radio propagation modeling and augmented radio map visualization.

Recent Publications

May 01, 2020

A Packaged 0.01-26-GHz Single-Chip SiGe Reflectometer for Two-Port Vector Network Analyzers

  • Chung H.
  • Ma Q.
  • Rebeiz G.
  • Sayginer M.

© 1963-2012 IEEE. This article presents a packaged SiGe BiCMOS reflectometer for 0.01-26-GHz two-port vector network analyzers (VNAs). The reflectometer chip is composed of a resistive bridge coupler and two wideband heterodyne receivers for coherent magnitude and phase detection. In addition, a high-linearity receiver channel is designed to accommodate 20 ...

August 01, 2019

Protecting photonic quantum states using topology

  • Blanco-Redondo A.

The use of topology to protect quantum information is well-known to the condensed-matter community and, indeed, topological quantum computing is a bursting field of research and one of the competing avenues to demonstrate that quantum computers can complete certain problems that classical computers cannot. In photonics, however, we are only ...

May 01, 2019

Digital networks at the nexus of productivity growth

  • Kamat S.
  • Prakash S.
  • Saniee I.
  • Weldon M.

This paper takes a fresh look at the debate over the relationship between digital technology and productivity. The argument of economic historian Robert J. Gordon is that digital technology will not lead to increases in productivity such as we saw in the last century, based on his analysis of the ...