February 01, 2020

Epitaxial Growth of High-Quality AlGaInAs-based Active Structures on a Directly-Bonded InP-SiO2/Si Substrate

  • Baron T.
  • Bassani F.
  • Besancon C.
  • David S.
  • Decobert J.
  • Dupré C.
  • Fournel F.
  • Jany C.
  • Sanchez L.
  • Vaissiere N.

Hybrid integration of III-V materials onto silicon by wafer bonding technique is one of the mature and promising approaches to develop advanced photonic integrated devices into the Silicon Photonics Platform (SPP). Epitaxial regrowth of III-V materials on InP bonded to an oxidized silicon wafer (InPoSi) is the next step to extend all the III-V mature know-how into the SPP. In our approach, a 4 inches InPoSi template is fabricated using a direct bonding technique followed by the selective etching of the InP substrate. Afterwards, a height periods strain compensated AlGaInAs MultiQuantum Wells (MQW) heterostructure surrounded by two InP layers was grown by MOVPE simultaneously on the InPoSi substrate and on an InP substrate as a reference. High-quality epitaxial growth of AlGaInAs-based MQW active layers is reported. In-situ reflectance and curvature measurements were carried out during growth. X-Ray Diffraction, Photoluminescence, Atomic Force Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy account for the material quality of our heterostructure.

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