November 20, 2019

[LT] How bananas could save your project. Understanding UX

  • Jasonek A.

Imagine you are about to release your product. You find it brilliant and dazzling. Hitting the market! This is your child and you are so proud! So proud till the first wave of feedback comes. Oh, really? This is not what you have expected. Now you are confused, devastated. Not so proud at all. Did users really have to struggle with it so much? What should be done in the next release? And the most important question, how do you react to that feedback? What should be done? And again: how? In this lightning talk I will answer your what? and how? questions. I will address them telling about User eXperience, by using an acting on imagination example, the example of banana. I am not going to convince you, that after this small talk you will know everything about UX and its fundamentals. That is not the case. I will show you, however, how to start focusing on your user, no matter what product you are working on, either arranging a garden or introducing brand new software for your company.

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