June 01, 2019

Multicast and Broadcast Enablers for High-Performing Cellular V2X Systems

  • Abbas T.
  • Allio S.
  • Alonso-Zarate J.
  • Apostolos Kousaridas
  • Fallgren M.
  • Fodor G.
  • Gabor Fodor
  • Gallo L.
  • Guillaume Vivier
  • Jesus Alonso-Zarate
  • Jian Luo
  • Kousaridas A.
  • Laurent Gallo
  • Li Zexian
  • Luo J.
  • Mahmoodi T.
  • Mikael Fallgren
  • Svensson T.
  • Sylvain Allio
  • Taimoor Abbas
  • Toktam Mahmoodi
  • Tommy Svensson
  • Vivier G.
  • Yilin Li
  • Zhongfeng Li

This paper focuses on capabilities enabled by 5G connectivity in the cooperative, connected and autonomous cars, and elaborates on two technical enablers. One of the solutions consists of a beamformed broadcast/multicast technology that builds on adaptive and robust beam management techniques at the air interface. The other proposed technical component aims to improve the end-to-end architectural design of 5G networks to enable efficient broadcast and multicast transmissions for vehicle-to-anything services. Finally, the key results of multicast and broadcast technical components are described and ongoing and future areas of work and research are detailed.

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