January 01, 2017

1.72 Tbs Virtual-Carrier Assisted WDM Direct-Detection Transmission over 200km

  • Aref V.
  • Buchali F.
  • Buelow H.
  • Chagnon M.
  • Dischler R.
  • Engenhard K.
  • Engenhardt K.
  • Schuh K.
  • Thai Le S.

Supporting the ever-increasing data-center-interconnect (DCI) traffic in a cost effective manner is a great challenge, which requires innovative transmission and digital signal processing (DSP) techniques. Recently, single side-band (SSB) direct-detection (DD) transmissions have been actively considered for data rate beyond 100 Gb/s per channel and distance of hundreds of kilometers due to its capability of electronic chromatic dispersion (EDC) compensation. In addition, several effective DSP techniques for compensating signal-signal beating interference (SSBI) due to the squared-law detection of the photodiode (PD) have been intensively investigated, such as Kramers-Knonig (KK) and iterative SSBI cancellation schemes, showing promising results at data rate over 200 Gb/s and distance beyond 100 km. In this paper, we demonstrate that high-performance, low-complexity SSB DD transmissions could be achieved by generating a digital carrier (virtual carrier) together with the complex information-bearing signal at the transmitter using only two digital-to-analog converters (DACs). Combining this transmission technique with either the KK field reconstruction or a two-stage SSBI cancellation scheme at the receiver, 8x215Gbps net-data-rate WDM signals have been transmitted over a record span length of 200 km at 1550 nm

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