Dynamically controlled, scalable terabit transport systems and solutions

The IP and Optical Network research lab at Nokia Bell Labs researches technologies leading to disruptive innovations in Internet Protocol (IP) and Optical Networks. We are developing Terabit transport systems and solutions, with dynamic control, unprecedented scalability and the lowest cost per bit for metro and core IP and Optical solutions.

The award-winning ION Lab researches and develops pioneering techniques and technologies that will drive significant improvements in scale, flexibility and agility of IP and optical networks. Our team is developing lightning fast prototype transceivers that operate at data rates 1 Tbit/s and beyond. We are working on signal processing and coding techniques that maximize fiber capacity and minimize cost per bit. We are researching and prototyping elastic optical transmitters which can flexibly adapt its output bit-rate without service disruption or packet loss, paving the way to fully automated, self-reacting transport networks. The work at the Nokia Bell Labs ION lab will usher high-data-rate low-cost interfaces for future datacenters and the intra-datacenter communications market and Telco operators.