Future of Industrial Automation

Marcus Weldon at Web Summit 2019

Proximity-based networks and new knowledge systems are the foundation for a new era of productivity

In his talk at the Web Summit in Lisbon on November 5, 2019, Nokia Bell Labs President and Nokia CTO Marcus Weldon explored the pursuit of knowledge via the development of hyper-networked, proximal intelligent systems that process massive amounts of data to drive new levels of productivity. He described multiple real-world examples, including how sailor Alex Thomson augments himself and his boat to increase his performance in the most grueling sailing race in the world; how agriculture can move from (remote) horizontal locations to highly efficient vertical farms in urban environments, changing human beings’ relationship with the food they consume; and how making a factory “conscious” can lead to significant gains in manufacturing output, with the highest levels of quality and the ability to dynamically reconfigure to produce different products at different points in time.


Alex Thomson Racing

Nokia Bell Lab’s has partnered with Alex Thomson Racing to outfit both Thomson and his Hugo Boss vessel with key Nokia Bell Labs technologies. These instruments, connected to a high performance network, provide Thomson with a "sixth sense," helping him see and manage all aspects of his journey as he competes to win the Vendee Global Race.

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Digital innovation networks at the nexus of new productivity growth

A fresh look at the relationship between digital technology and productivity.

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