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Nokia Bell Labs is giving you a sneak peek into the network of the future – we're creating a virtual sixth sense whose purpose is to save you time.

Learn how human existence will be transformed

We are at the dawn of an era in networking that has the potential to define a new phase of human existence. This era will be shaped by the digitization and connection of everything and everyone with the goal of automating much of life, effectively creating time by maximizing the efficiency of everything we do and augmenting our intelligence with knowledge that expedites and optimizes decision-making and everyday routines and processes.

The Future X Network: Enabling a New Digital Era outlines how Bell Labs sees this future unfolding and the key technological breakthroughs needed at both the architectural and systems levels. Each chapter of the book is dedicated to a major area of change and the network and systems innovation required to realize the technological revolution that will be the essential product of this new digital future.

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This visual guide  takes you on a journey through the key findings, concepts, metrics and research discussed in The Future X Network: A Bell Labs Perspective.  It is an interactive infographic that starts with today, and charts a course to tomorrow, showing you why we are at a unique point in our technological history that will bring forth new business models, new markets and a new phase of our technological existence.


"... Bell Labs is still around and planning for a future beyond the horizon of today’s technology. The latest evidence of the organization’s forward thinking is courtesy a new book by Marcus Weldon, the President of Bell Labs and CTO of parent company Alcatel-Lucent. Despite its cryptic title, The Future X Network, isn’t about a top-secret project on the paranormal, but a look at where exponential trends in technology development, personal and device connectivity and data collection and analysis might take business, the global economy and society at large."

October 29, 2015

Technological revolution in the air as we connect with a networked future

“Maybe we’re on the verge of a technological revolution,” says Marcus Weldon, the 13th president of Bell Labs and corporate chief technology officer at parent company Alcatel Lucent...

This revolution is the subject matter of The Future X Network, the first book to come out of Bell Labs and one with an expansive list of topics ranging from the future of security to the future of the internet of things (IoT), but underpinned by the future of the network we already depend on to keep us connected...

For those who are just getting comfortable with the information-communication revolution that began in 1985, Bell Labs has some news: it’s over, big changes are coming and we’re already inside what could be described as the connected-augmented revolution."

September 3, 2015

The Future X Network: Enabling a New Digital Era

"In the telecoms and technology industry, we are always looking to predict the future. We want to know how consumer demands and requirements are changing, understand how technology will evolve, and predict the impact these will both have on networks and services.

So to complement all the exclusive future-facing content at this year’s Broadband World Forum, Bell Labs are getting ready to share their own vision for the future with you, by launching “The Future X Network – A Bell Labs Perspective”.