Ecosystem and industry leadership

Meet our world-class standardization experts


Our world-class standardization experts are internationally renowned in their field. Nokia holds more than 100 board member, chair and other official positions across all key standardization and industry groups.

Nokia provides leadership in:

  • Mobile network standards organizations such as 3GPP, ETSI and O-RAN, along with key regional standards organizations such as OnGo Alliance and WInnForum
  • Fixed access standards organizations such as BBF and ITU-T, along with key regional standards organizations
  • IP routing and optics standards organizations such as IETF, ITU-T, IEEE 802, OIF, ONF and MEF

5G standards leadership

Nokia is one of the most active contributors and drivers of key features in 5G standardization organizations. More Nokia contributors have received the 3GPP Excellence Award than contributors from other companies. In addition, our experts chair some of the most important groups within the 3GPP and hold rapporteur positions for the central 5G-standards and their evolution.

Beyond 3GPP, Nokia holds key positions in groups relevant for 5G standardization, including chairing both the 5G Industry Association (5G-IA) board and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) board. Nokia has also shaped the emerging 5G ecosystem through the creation of several organizations. In 2016, Nokia founded both the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) and the OnGo Alliance. In 2018, Nokia created the 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA).

Furthermore, Nokia is looking beyond 5G to shape the ecosystem and form standardization structure for the next generation, e.g. in the Next G Alliance group.

Meet Nokia leaders


Peter Leis

3GPP CT1 Chair


Tero Henttonen

3GPP RAN2 Vice-Chair. Rapporteur of LTE overall description.


Dirk Weiler

ETSI Board Chair


Ulrich Dropmann

5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA) Board Member


Stephan Litjens

MulteFire Alliance Board Chair


Colin Wilcock

5G Infrastructure Association Chair


Devaki Chandramouli

Next G Alliance Steering Group Co-Chair


Uwe Puetzschler

5G Automotive Association (5GAA) Vice-Chair

Guido Voltolina (2).PNG

Guido Voltolina

OnGo Alliance Board Member


Julien Maisonneuve

Chair of ETSI NFV Evolution and Ecosystem (EVE). Rapporteur for the NFV Terminology Report.


Pekka Kuure

Vice Chair of ETSI ISG Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)


Nurit Sprecher

Vice Chair of ETSI ISG Zero-touch network and Service Management. Founding chair of ETSI ISG MEC.

Beniamino Gorini.png

Beniamino Gorini

Chair of ETSI Technical Committee Environmental Engineering (TC EE)


Frank Van Der Putten

BBF Board Treasurer and Technical Committee Vice-Chair


Christele Bouchat

BBF Innovation track Chair


Sven Ooghe

BBF Common YANG / A&M WA Chair


Jessy Rouyer

IEEE 802.1 Vice-Chair


Martin Vigoureux

Routing Area (rtg) Area Director, The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)


Steve Trowbridge

ITU-T Study Group 15 Chair


Klaus-Holger Otto

OIF Technical Committee Chair, The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF)


Hilary Mine

DigitalEurope Board President


Deepti Aurora

TIA Board Member, Chairwoman Emeritus

Brian Hendricks.png

Brian Hendricks

TIA Board Member

David Eckard 2.png

David Eckard

ATIS Board Member


Michael Jiang Chang

CCSA Board of Directors Chair


Emile Yin

CCSA Board of Directors Member, Technical Management Committee Member