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Powered by world-renowned research from Nokia Bell Labs, Nokia has been the forerunner in defining the fundamental technologies for the 5G era.

Nokia uses its leadership position to ensure that 5G technology remains indispensably valuable to people and organizations that use it every day. We are driving standardization efforts to meet consumer, enterprise and industrial requirements not addressed in previous cellular standards, and we are constantly anticipating future needs by innovating new applications enabled by 5G.

We have one of the industry’s broadest and strongest portfolios, with about 3,800 patent families declared essential to cellular standards, including more than 3,500 families for 5G.

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The Evolution of 5G New Radio Positioning Technologies

Discover how the evolution of 5G New Radio (NR) shows that positioning services are becoming important components of current and future cellular networks.

Explore the latency and jitter performance of isochronous audio transmission over 5G URLLC.

Gain a view of High-altitude platform stations (HAPS) that are used to supplement terrestrial networks and extend coverage to remote areas.

5G blog posts

5G New Radio (NR) Positioning is evolving as a key feature that enables the operator of a 5G network to position devices for both indoor and outdoor applications with much better accuracy and reliability than those of previous generations.

As an avid technologist, I believe that this is an exciting time as the industry is gearing up for 6G research while simultaneously enhancing 5G capabilities with 3GPP releases. Technology research is shifting focus towards 6G with a view of commercialization around 2030.

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Release 16 - RAN progress

Balazs Bertenyi explains the major successes achieved in Rel-16.

5G evolution

Learn about the evolution of 5G and how Nokia is a leading force in its standardization.