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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway. Technologies are available to help enterprises and verticals sharpen their competitive edge by bringing automation-powered efficiency, agility and increased safety, security and compliance to their processes. But it takes sound strategies and planning to successfully adopt and gain advantages from these technologies.

Bell Labs Consulting experts will help you ride the tide and stay ahead of the game:

  • Fast-track to the future and see some of the big disruptions in your industry
  • Understand key technology and network requirements and enablers
  • Design a network evolution path that is tailored to your future business ambitions

Real customer impact

Helping an APAC utility operator become a digital utility leader


Our customer is one of the top electric utility brands in the world, and wants to become a digital utility leader. Its growth ambitions demand that it derive value from its strategic assets while addressing the dramatic changes facing the energy industry. Its key challenges include:

  • Meeting the network performance targets set by regulators
  • Improving energy efficiency and reducing OPEX
  • Building an always-on, reliable, secure ICT network that can support rapid rollouts of devices and mission-critical services

Our task was to help the customer unlock this nexus of new value.

Methodology & Approach:

Adopting a future-back methodology infused with industry best practices and deep comprehension of technologies and utility applications, we structured the consultancy into four streams:

  • Diagnose: As-is and benchmarking against peers
  • Design: Forming the future mode of operations (FMO)
  • Flight plan: Ensuring that the customer gets its money’s worth
  • Build capability – Competence and tools

Value Delivered & Insights:

We provided the following insights to the utility:

  • Electricity grid network applications and maturity are typically ahead of internal ICT network capabilities.
  • The grid of the future (GOTF) will not succeed without an ICT network of the future (NOTF).
case 1.21.png

We determined that a strategic, comprehensive NOTF program based on private LTE networks would enable the utility to meet a range of future needs with scalability and economy. This program would provide the much-needed uplift to enable the realize the following value, including a 25 percent total cost of ownership (TCO) savings.

case 1.4.png

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Shaping up the most efficient rail operator in Europe


Operating passenger and freight trains on a meshed rail network requires increasingly automated operations and fast reactions to changing situations while ensuring the highest levels of safety, security and punctuality. Rail ICT networks and applications must be designed to support mission-critical use and maintain operational resiliency.

With these challenges in mind, a European rail operator asked us for help to determine:

  • Which virtualization and automation capabilities would unlock maximum benefits on the right technology roadmap
  • How to use DWDM technologies to build a highly available and resilient mission-critical fiber network
  • How topology and technology upgrades could improve its existing optical transport network
  • What operational efficiency gains could be achieved through simplification and optimization
  • How future technology options could impact its business model by reducing TCO
Case 2.11.png

Methodology & Approach:

  • We provided an advanced fiber network architecture and design that addressed the customer’s resilience requirements and identified single points of failure. We also created an optimal investment path for closing the gaps.
  • We used our unique index-based approach to model the maturity of virtualization along five dimensions: ubiquitous connectivity, intelligent automation, adaptive scalability, systematic security and flexible personalization.
Case 2.21.png

Value delivered & Insights:

  • We identified 40 actions within a roadmap that the operator could execute to close maturity gaps and take full advantage of SDN/NFV and automation capabilities. We also validated and rated the impact of these actions based on their ability to reduce TCO.
  • We provided strategic recommendations for migrating the operator’s existing network while secure mission critical network performance.
  • We provided an improved optical transport network topology, along with an architecture design that would enable the operator to avoid critical SPOFs and reach five-nines overall availability.
Case 2.3.png

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