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Bell Labs Consulting, as part of Nokia Bell Labs, provides independent advice to communications service providers, enterprises and industry players, using the Nokia Bell Labs Future X Network and emerging market dynamics as foundations

​Our cross-disciplinary team of experienced industry and technology experts has developed a proprietary toolset to ​address every customer's specific situation​ and help them realize the full economic, social and human potential of the future.


To solve the commoditization dilemma and create new markets, CSPs must significantly reorientate and build superior systems of innovation activities that enable concurrent and sustainable revenue and EBIT growth, thus achieving dual competitive advantage.

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Bell Labs Consulting predicts the future economic order will be underpinned by rapid technological advancements in high performance networking, edge clouds and associated AI systems. Future 5G architectures will see cloud, compute and connectivity all collapse into one tightly integrated localized edge fabric. This fabric will be foundational in digitalizing businesses, automating industries, and servicing local communities, spurring new levels of productivity growth with inclusive digitally augmented labor force participation.


Most 5G networks have been commercially rolled out or planned using Sub-6 GHz spectrum. Complementary to 5G Sub-6 GHz networks, mmWave bands can provide significantly more capacity and promise to deliver multiple Gigabit data rates to end-users. In this analysis, Bell Labs Consulting focuses on the critical question of 5G mmWave business attractiveness and its unique value proposition: “Can telecom operators more profitably serve 5G subscribers with a technically superior solution by investing in 5G mmWave? If so, where and what would be the right applications, and what is the return on these investments?”


Fireside chat: What did we learn from the #LKDF4Industry Initiative and what will the future of skills and work look like?


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