Technical Committee

The GreenTouch Technical Committee is the executive body for the technical organization, which has the responsibility for identifying and tracking consortium projects, including planning demonstrators, managing publications, results and progress toward goals, the overall coordination of technical committees, and reporting to the Executive Board.

The primary functions of the technical organization, which are overseen by the Technical Committee, are both technical and organizational, ranging from determining the architectures that achieve the GreenTouch goals to assigning new tasks and projects and documenting gaps in effort.

In addition to its oversight function, the Technical Committee comprises three working groups, one in each of three key technology areas:


Executive Board

The Executive Board is the GreenTouch governing body, and it is composed of individuals elected by the membership. The Executive Board approves budgets, oversees the Operations and Technical Committees, and determines the strategic direction of the consortium. Any member representative may run for election to this important group, but each member organization may have only one Board seat.

Currently the Executive Board is led by Thierry Van Landegem, GreenTouch Chairman. The full roster of Board members is found here.


Operations Committee

The Operations Committee deals with the day-to-day business of the GreenTouch Consortium's operation. Its areas of responsibility include management of third-party support organizations, supervising intellectual property agreements, proposing budgets for approval by the Board, determining the schedule for member meetings, and so on. The Operations Committee also has oversight of the Funded Projects and Marketing & Communications Subcommittees.

Members of the Operations Committee are appointed by the Executive Board from among qualified representatives of GreenTouch member organizations. Operations Committee members have experience in contract and vendor management, project management, negotiation and legal expertise.


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