Future Human Podcast

Who is the “Future Human”? How will future innovation shape the way he or she views and interacts with the world? How will technology change the role of the Future Human and society?

What is a “Future Human”? How will future innovation shape the way they interact with the world? And how will the world change as a result?

Presented and created by Nokia Bell Labs and Audiation.fm, the Future Human Podcast Series explores the human potential of technology, looking beyond technology’s nuts and bolts, transistors and code, systems and platforms, to the larger impact innovation will make on human endeavour. The podcast presents fresh, unique viewpoints with guests ranging from Nokia Bell Labs researchers and renowned scientists exploring exciting new technology disciplines to athletes and artists embracing technology to further their crafts.

We will have regular installments of the Future Human Podcast, all of which will be available on this page and on multiple podcast platforms: Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcast.


Episode 20 - Better signals, better people

As remote work becomes the new norm in the face of our ongoing health crisis, we explore the technologies that enable us to stay productive and connected. Speaking to Bell Labs President and Nokia CTO Marcus Weldon, Stuttgart-based researcher Stefan Wesemann explains how massive MIMO technology will improve 5G capacity and be less taxing on our phones. And, more intriguingly, it may even help us live healthier lives.

Episode 11 - I know what you did this summer

If your high school/college summers were filled with menial office work, flipping burgers or babysitting, well, you did it wrong. In this episode, we check in with a few fearless students who spent their summer on the Nokia Bell Lab campus in Murray Hill, NJ. Instead of slathering sunscreen on toddlers or beating a malfunctioning printer to death, these folks taught robots how to navigate buildings, pressure-tested materials that will enable factories to operate more efficiently, enhanced the capabilities of potentially life-saving wearables, improved the technology that powers facial recognition and turned live concerts into a personal surround-sound experience. And they’re just getting started.

Episode 10 - Stalking BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals)

When Nokia Bell Labs launched its own prize competition in 2014, its goal was simple but audacious: it was seeking proposals that “change the game” in the field of information and communications technologies by a factor of 10. For the Bell Labs Prize’s 2017 winners, that sounds almost too conservative. Listen in as Bell Labs President and Nokia CTO Marcus Weldon decodes the philosophy behind the competition, and hear first-hand from the amazing 2017 winners: Kaushik Sengupta, Jason Azoulay and Tina Ng and Colm O’Dwyer. In addition to cash awards, each winner had the opportunity to collaborate with Bell Labs researchers to bring their vision to fruition, with amazing implications for the future of health care, wearables and much more.

Episode 2 - E.A.T. then and now

This episode of Future Human takes us from one of the world’s quietest rooms – Bell Labs’ anechoic chamber – into the voluminous history of sound innovation and the amazing potential of music-based therapy.

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