Experiments in Art and Technology

Experiments in Art and Technology

Making visible the invisible

Nokia Bell Labs paints the shores of Ireland with a visualization of wireless signals.


Future Human Podcast Series

Listen to interviews with innovators who are shaping our digital futures.


Human Digital Orchestra

Watch the movement of humans in digital space to create a multimedia sensory artist experience.


David Eagleman, Neuroscientist, author and Associate Adjunct Professor at Stanford University with Domhnaill Hernon, Bell Labs Head of Innovation Incubation.

Light painting created by David Byrne

Wireless light painting created by Beatie Wolfe, innovative singer, songwriter and musician.

Wireless light painting by Nokia Bell Labs' Domhnaill Hernon.

Wireless light painting created by world-renowned beatboxer, Reeps One

Wireless light painting by Yann LeCun, NYU Professor and Director of AI Research at Facebook.

Wireless light painting by Zhenan Bao, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Stanford University.