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Industry experts and organizations consistently recognize Nokia Bell Labs staff for their cutting-edge research and achievements.


5G Evolution: A View on 5G Cellular Technology Beyond 3GPP Rel-15

Nokia Bell Labs Standardization & Research Lab paper selected as a promotional prize winner for the 2019 IEEE Access Best Multimedia Award, for the multimedia that was submitted with it, in view of its “originality, innovation, and potential benefit to humanity”.


Nurit Sprecher nominated as one of the 10 Finalists for Edge Woman of the Year

Edge Computing World announced Nurit Sprecher as one of the 10 Finalists for Edge Woman of the Year.

Nurit Sprecher

Head of Standardization Management & Virtualization


MOS2S Project with “WWS inside” wins “2020 ITEA Award of Excellence”

The international MOS2S “Media Orchestration : Screen to Screen” project, with an instrumental participation of Nokia Bell Labs Applications Platforms & Software Systems Lab, was recently awarded the “2020 ITEA Vice-chairman's Award”. MOS2S focused on new forms of engagement in entertainment and society and has created world-first ways and media tools to engage citizens and audiences of live events and reality situations.


Best Industry Paper Award at the 2020 IEEE RFIC Symposium

During this week's "virtual" plenary session, the Symposium's Best Industry Paper was awarded to the Nokia Bell Labs mmWave ASIC team for the paper “A D-Band Radio-on-Glass Module for Spectrally-Efficient and Low-Cost Wireless Backhaul”. The IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium is the world’s premier conference focused on the latest developments in RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuit technology and innovations.

First prize goes to Celine Comte at the Telecom Paris 2020 thesis prize

After a rigorous selection process of all recent Telecom Paris PhD candidates, seven nominees, then three laureates were selected, with a 5-minute pitch competition to rank the three finalists. Among this year's laureates was Céline Comte, PhD, who defended a joint Telecom Paris / Nokia Bell Labs thesis named Resource management in computer clusters: Algorithm design and performance analysis.

Celine Comte

Math Researcher Scientist


In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the CBRS Alliance Technical Working Groups throughout 2019, Hathiramani was given the Key Contributor award. This prestigious award is given to only one individual per calendar year and is based on peer feedback for outstanding participation and efforts, which align with CBRS Alliance’s missions and goals. During 2019, Hathiramani drove the initial support for NR into the CBRS Alliance specifications along with enabling the support for key indoor enterprise use cases, which are critical for Nokia’s interests. CBRS Alliance produces technical specifications and marketing for the use of LTE and NR in the Citizens Broadband Radio Services (CBRS) shared spectrum range (3550 – 3700 MHz) in the US. The CBRS Alliance publishes networking and coexistence specifications targeting the enablement of diverse use cases with the high spectral efficiency. These specifications are developed under the Technical Working Group.

Navir Hathiramani

Senior Standardization Specialist


Dmitry Petrov from Nokia Bell Labs Espoo elected as chairman of IEEE Finland section

Dmitry Petrov

Senior Standardization Specialist


Hofmann was recognized for “leadership in development of content distribution networks” and Jopson for “contributions to the mitigation of polarization effects in optically-amplified lightwave systems”. In addition, IEEE also elected Philippe Jacquet (formerly from Bell Labs France) as a Fellow for “contributions to wireless protocols and communication networks”. The IEEE Fellow is one of the most prestigious honors of the IEEE and is bestowed upon a very limited number — one-tenth of one percent of IEEE voting membership — of Senior Members who have contributed importantly to the advancement or application of engineering, science and technology bringing significant value to our society.

Markus Hofmann

Lab Leader, Applications Platforms & Software Systems

Bob Jopson

Member of Technical Staff


Quan Pham-Van has received the Open Networking Foundation's (ONF) 2019 Top Contributor Award in recognition of his contribution to the ONF. The top contributor awardees are selected by their peers as having made significant contributions to the success of ONF projects and advancing the ONF's mission. Quan Pham-Van has been actively contributing to the architecture design and code development of the Open Disaggregated Transport Network (ODTN) project since 2018. In collaboration with ON BU, Quan has integrated the Nokia transponder OpenConfig device driver into the ONOS controller of the ONF. This contribution enables demonstration of multi-vendor interoperability of Nokia transponders with other vendors, such as ADVA, INFINERA, at the Telefonica lab in Madrid.

Quan Pham Van

Researcher, Network control


Uwe Rauschenbach wins the ETSI ZSM 2019 Excellence Award

Uwe Rauschenbach has won the ETSI ZSM Excellence Award in recognition of his extraordinary instrumental and professional role as the rapporteur of the high-quality ZSM Reference Architecture specification and his outstanding contribution to the work itself. ZSM introduces a clear unifying architectural framework, which enables automatic execution of all operational processes and tasks, end-to-end. This is critical to enable the delivery of new value creating services with agility, speed and profitability. Network and service automation is an inherent element of the Future-X Programmable Network Operating System. The ZSM architecture is fully aligned with Nokia’s vision on network and service automation. It harnesses modular, flexible, scalable, extensible and service-based properties. The architecture is designed to support advanced data-driven automation, based on closed-loop and integration of AI/ML techniques. The publication of the ZSM architecture constitutes an important milestone for the ZSM group and the industry.


Jakob Hoydis received the prestigious 2019 SEE-IEEE Alain Glavieux Award for “his outstanding contributions to wireless networks, influencing early research up to international standardization of Massive MIMO systems and preparing next-generation wireless networks using deep learning” in Paris, France. This distinction is awarded bi-annually to young researchers for excellent scientific contributions with high potential for technological innovations. 

Jakob Hoydis

Research Head, Radio Systems and AI


This IEEE Award recognizes an outstanding young IEEE MTT-S member who has distinguished himself/herself through a sequence of achievements. Shahramian won the prestigious award “for outstanding early career achievements in mmWave phased-arrays and transceivers and for being an educational role model with the Signal Path video series.” Shahramian is recognized for his breakthrough innovations in the design and implementation of highly integrated wireless transceivers and phased-arrays. His mmWave circuits were demonstrated to many of Nokia's customers and are a key differentiator in the Mobile Network group's Wavence product line of X-Haul Microwave links.

Shahriar Shahramian

Group Leader, Sensing & Communication ASICs Research