Creating a Profile Page


  1. Visit the About us page on
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on Researcher login
  3. Enter your email address and password, select Login
  4. Select Edit Profile
  5. Fill out the form using these guidelines:
    • Headshot:  Select a recent photo of yourself where your face is in focus and your head and shoulders take up the majority of the frame.   We require headshot images to be a minimum of 150x150 pixels.
    • We allow you to include images that are your own.  Posting images and photos that are not your own might result in a copyright infringement and will be removed during the administrative review of your page.
    • Follow this Style Guide for citations.
  1. Select Submit for Approval at the bottom of the page to submit the page for an administrative review.  The review insures that the researcher adheres to corporate policies related to proprietary information, integrity, anti-corruption, and others.  We will verify that the submission does not include inappropriate language or links to inappropriate sites.  Approvals should be expected within 2 business days. If you require an immediate review or update, email us.
  2. Special note.  If you forget your password, there is a password reset link at the login screen, and you may discover that the reset email often arrives in the Junk Email folder.