Photo of Karl Wermig

Karl Wermig

Partner, Business Strategy & New Markets

Karl is a Bell Labs Consulting Partner with over 20 years of proven experience. He has worked as a trusted advisor for operators, government, utilities and investors across the globe helping to build confidence and secure the commitment to new investments in telecoms operations and networks. 

Prior to joining Alcatel-Lucent, Karl spent fifteen years as a Management Consultant leading engagements for investors, operators and government in EMEA, APAC and CALA. He supported customers with expertise in procurement, network evolution, programme management and business strategy. He regularly mobilised teams of deep subject matter experts to help explore the economics of new telecoms infrastructure investments and secure investor buy-in (fixed and wireless, including satellite). 

Karl joined Alcatel-Lucent to head up a Next Generation Access team in EMEA. His team helped establish new consortia in Poland, Austria and the UK for the deployment of new ultra-broadband access networks. He quickly moved across to Bell Labs to help set up Bell Labs Consulting as a service. He has been responsible for leading some of Bell Labs largest customer engagements and his team is called upon by established players to conduct reviews of their network and operations resiliency through in-depth investigations. In the last twelve months, Karl has led teams on engagements for operators, utilities, governments and investors in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Karl is the Bell Labs Consulting lead for operations and investments in Africa and is responsible for helping perhaps the world’s leading fixed and wireless telecoms group in the Middle East to stay ahead of the pack in its multiple operating companies. 

Karl is passionate about the need for more telecoms infrastructure in more places for more people in order to sustain the long-term economic development of nations. Where the economics are challenging, he and the Bell Labs Consulting team are helping nations unlock new funds through collaborative approaches that build confidence and commitment in the necessary infrastructure programmes. 

You can connect with Karl on Linkedin to learn more about his expertise.