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Bell Labs Consulting models show that by 2020, 67 percent of the worldwide consumption demand forecast can be met by Wi-Fi. Another 14 percent can be addressed by the current adoption rate of 3G, LTE, small cells and the emergence of new technologies such as 5G.

Between now and 2020, that leaves 19 percent of demand unable to be satisfied based on current and projected economics. Thus, network operators will need to accelerate their path to 5G and cloud technologies, such as network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN), and adopt new business models to address the demand gap. Read the report, explore the infographic, or view the webinar to learn more.

Our Experts

Photo of Azfar Aslam
Azfar Aslam

Senior Partner, Europe Consulting Practice Lead

Azfar Aslam leads the Europe Consulting practice, covering the business and technology strategy consulting domains. Azfar has contributed to a large number of CSPs’ strategic ...

Photo of Ken Budka
Ken Budka

Senior Partner, IP Creation and Verticals Consulting Practice Lead

Dr. Kenneth C. Budka is Senior Partner, IP Creation and Verticals Consulting Practice Lead at Bell Labs Consulting.   He has served as strategic advisor ...

Photo of Steven De Meuleneire
Steven De Meuleneire

Operating Partner, Bell Labs Consulting

Steven manages the overall Bell Labs Consulting P&L, with the main objective to grow and scale. At the same time, running the consultancy business for ...

Photo of Stephen Rose
Stephen Rose

Senior Partner, Americas Consulting Practice Lead

Stephen Rose is a Senior Partner at Bell Labs Consulting and a member of Nokia Bell Labs’ Senior Leadership Team. Stephen is accountable for the ...

Photo of Tarun Sharma
Tarun Sharma

Senior Partner

Tarun Sharma is a Senior Partner at Bell Labs Consulting. He manages the Market Insight & Business Strategy team at Bell Labs with a focus ...

Photo of Fuad Siddiqui
Fuad Siddiqui

Senior Partner, MEA, APJ & Oceana Consulting Practice Lead

Fuad Siddiqui is Senior Partner at Bell Labs Consulting with a focus on business strategy and future value creation. He is Head of Consulting, growth ...

Photo of Mark Bass
Mark Bass

Partner, Business Strategy & New Markets

Mark Bass is a Partner in the Bell Labs Consulting Business Unit where he works with customers to understand the significance of evolving ICT industry ...

Photo of Johan De Vos
Johan De Vos

Partner, Engagement Teams Lead

Johan De Vos is a Partner at Bell Labs Consulting. He drives global customer engagements to result in high quality project deliveries on time and ...

Photo of Martin Glapa
Martin Glapa

Partner, Converged High Performance Networks, Modeling R&D

Marty Glapa is a Partner and Bell Labs Fellow in Bell Labs Consulting where he leads R&D for Future Converged High-Performance Broadband Networks. His focus ...

Photo of Amit Mukhopadhyay
Amit Mukhopadhyay

Principal, Future Networks Modeling & Automation

Dr. Amit Mukhopadhyay is the Principal and Team Leader for the Future Networks Modeling & Automation group in the Modeling R&D Practice within the Bell ...

Photo of Subra Prakash
Subra Prakash

Principal, New Platforms, Models & Optimization

Subra has over 20 years of experience in telecommunications, consulting, and academia. His expertise is in developing planning models, predictive models, forecasting models, macroeconomic analysis ...

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