Metro Transformation Analyzer Model (MTA)

The future of the metro network will be fully transformed by NFV-driven virtualization and SDN-enabled programmability, revolutionizing the cost structure and the operating model of networks. 

The Metro Transformation Analyzer model helps companies streamline and consolidate network architecture for access aggregation, IP Edge and service platforms. It also helps companies plan for a simplified and automated network operations through proactive management and orchestration and improves your network’s scalability, resiliency and performance.

Touchpoint Capability Reference Operating Model (T-CROM)

Maintaining leading profitability in a mature, hypercompetitive industry means transforming operational and customer experience capabilities with a patented operating model that accounts for your current capabilities and the new ones that your virtualized infrastructure will demand.

The Touchpoint Capability Reference Operating model helps you:

  • Comprehensively assess your current operations from cost, time to market, and customer interaction dimensions to provide a competitive fitness benchmark
  • Correlate your fitness in these areas to your key business, operational and technology objectives
  • Develop a concrete new operating model and transformation roadmap that significantly improves your operational capabilities.

Wireless Strategy Optimization Model (WSO)

Many compelling events force operators to rethink their spectrum strategy, but in order to understand the best path forward you need a holistic view of the many variables impacting your decisions.

The Wireless Strategy Optimization model helps you to optimize your wireless strategy: 

  • Define best refarming scenarios and new spectrum needs
  • Identify the optimal network evolution strategy including technology introductions and switch-offs
  • Align your spectrum and device strategy