Current Initiatives

The Confluence of Networks

While services are fragmenting, the options for network architecture are growing making it very difficult to understand how to simultaneously invest in new networks while consolidating the old ones. We analyze the convergence of networks to help you meet the needs of the future as traffic moves from video for people to small bytes of data for machines, as networks go all-IP and become automated through software and network functions move to the cloud. 

The Emergence of the New Enterprise

The next wave of growth will come as the demand from the Enterprise IT market unlocks opportunities for Carriers to partner with their enterprise customers in compelling new ways. We believe there will be a set of leading enterprises that take control of their infrastructure and services; and a new generation of service providers who bring new dynamic, cloud based services to the enterprise in a way that helps meet their future needs.  

The Era of Cognitive Operations

To be competitive in the future, operators will need to drive a 10x improvement in both time to market for new services and in the quantity of services offered, while at the same time using analytics-driven automation to make a step-function improvement in the quality of the customer experience. We analyze your network, service and care operations to benchmark against industry, competitor and market environments, provide you with a plan of action all with a view toward the network of 2020.

The Move to the Edge Cloud

Current cloud economics and the significant growth in both connected devices and cloud services will drive the need to continue innovating – moving the cloud to the edge of the network – in order to meet performance and economic needs. We believe the “metro core” network will form the centerpiece of any end-to-end network re-architecture required to meet the new business realities for the next wave of the cloud economy. 

The Rise of the Machine

Telecommunications and vertical industries have the potential to play a huge role in both the consumer and industrial markets created by the Internet of Things. In order to do so, there is a need to define the optimal architectural approach to transform separate service networks to a future state that can enable all forms of digital life. Bell Labs is working with stakeholders across different private and public sector organizations to calculate the social and economic value of digitization.