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An economic analysis of distributed access architectures: The next major cable transformation

Cable access networks are on the cusp of a major transformation driven by an insatiable consumer appetite for multimedia and over the top (OTT) content, social media, learning and communication. This hunger is fueled by the increasing digitization of everything and the automation of the world around us, both of which are enhancing human experiences and forever changing our lives. Satisfying this appetite, and doing it cost-effectively, requires a foundational transformation in cable access network architectures. This transformation will provide the capacity and performance needed to realize these enhanced human experiences and needs.

Wireless strategies beyond Wi-Fi for fixed service providers

As fixed access network service providers face increasing competition in their TV and broadband businesses, they need to find ways to provide wireless services either with or without licensed spectrum. A wide range of strategic options are available. This white paper discusses the various strategies,the network requirements to support each strategy, and the architecture dimensions that must be considered to enable future wireless strategies.

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