Cambridge, UK

Bell Labs Cambridge is located in the West Cambridge campus in proximity to world-leading academic departments.

This location is ideal for collaboration and the easy  access to Cambridge university facilities complement the state-of-the-art research equipment on our premises.

We are more than 10 researchers with diverse competencies that innovate in spaces that include physics, electronics, computer vision, social media, and smart cities.


Research activities at Bell Labs Cambridge currently focus on materials science, pervasive systems, and computational social science . Our material science research involves the development of sensors, energy sources and other electronics components/devices by engineering materials, including two-dimensional components applied to the Internet of Things. Pervasive systems research explores  novel algorithms, embedded machine learning and system design techniques to build transformative multi-sensory systems for mobile, wearable and Internet of Things services. Our research in computational social science merges the disciplines of big data, urban studies, computer vision, social media and culture analytics to understand human behavior and social dynamics on a large scale.

Bell Labs researchers in Cambridge collaborate with other worldwide Bell Labs sites as well as with academia and industry throughout Europe.

Our Researchers

Meet some members of the Bell Labs Cambridge team.