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Working at Bell Labs
During the interview process, I met many great scientists and technical researchers, and I really liked where Bell Labs was going, so I embraced the challenge and joined the team.
Alessandra Sala
Nokia's revolutionary 5G virtual testing speeds deployment
Cellcom Israel to deploy Nokia's Sensing as a Service
Proximus one of the first operators in the world to put Nokia's biggest multi-terabit router into service at the heart of its network for tenfold increase in capacity
From the Blog

Who invented the internet? (and who will invent the future industrial internet?)

Who invented the internet? (and who will invent the future industrial internet?) I was recently giving a talk on the past, present and future of digital networks and the underlying technologies, and I was asked for my view on who invented the internet. This is a question that has frequently been posed over the past couple of decades, and the answer is typically Tim Berners-Lee (WWW/HTTP), Cerf & Kahn (TCP/IP), Baran, Davies, Kleinrock & Roberts (packet networking) or Bob Metcalfe (Ethernet) – or some combination of these pioneering inventors. But my personal view is that “the internet” is now a much broader concept, and so perhaps there is a different answer to this question in 2019. So, I decided to re-examine this question and to use a semi-quantitative approach to answering it.

#Marcus Weldon


Solving the industry verticals conundrum for 5G

5G is providing new experiences, such as AR and VR offerings, to our traditional consumer customers. But our mobile cellular industry is also pushing into multiple new verticals with distinctive service categories, like future factories and eHealth, with the expectation of addressing these markets in the next three years or so. To enter this next generation of mobile services, we need to offer more than the greater flexibility and raw capability coming with 5G. We need to build on the strength and broad full-solution scope of Nokia’s Future X architecture, as applied to industry verticals. In particular, we need new methods and technologies that can accelerate design, development and deployment to webscale speed.



Creating a reality beyond the real

There is something missing. There is something missing in the way many are looking at what’s next for human communication. Yes, one may argue that there has ...

#Future X