Nokia Open Innovation Challenge

A competition for sourcing early stage companies


Our plans for the future

NOIC 2022 is expected to take place with a focus on strategic needs and opportunities for business development and technological capabilities.


The who, what, and why

The Nokia Open Innovation Challenge is a competition looking to source early stage companies for Nokia Bell Labs to partner with on some of our most strategic business and technology interests.

For the past seven years the NOIC achieved its ambitions of developing meaningful partnerships. Our collaborations ranged from low IoT power consumption, to the democratization of robotics capabilities and new technologies for smart clothing that pioneered an innovative way to consume information.


Value proposition

Based on our legacy and experience, our mission is to offer startups the opportunity to propose best-in-class products and solutions fitting our needs; and present your ideas and technologies to an international jury of thought leaders. In return, Nokia Bell Labs develops hand in hand long lasting partnerships with you (beyond just a PoC), engages you in new business development opportunities with our research labs and business groups, as well as providing you dedicated mentorship and resources.

We are reflecting seriously on the purpose of the NOIC as a driver for business development opportunities, most notably on some of the internal strategic themes that attract talent, funding, capabilities and dedication. This is an opportunity for startups to gain visibility, develop and maintain business opportunities, and benefit from Nokia Bell Labs technological resources, mentorships from experts, and onsite and virtual facilities. The possibilities include in-residence programs offered through our Garage programs or 5G testbeds.



NOIC is looking for innovations that may already be established, but can achieve increased interest within the industry given the right support from Nokia; or innovations which are totally new, but need fine tuning to satisfy the requirements of potential customers.​

NOIC is about evolution and revolution. We are convinced that fostering win-win partnerships with startups can position us to address the most pressing challenges the world faces, be it wireless communication, industrial automation, or sustainability.

Project contact

Edgar Ke

Mobility Innovation & Startup Manager