Internship Opportunities

Research, create and build technical skills in the company of brilliant minds

The internship program at Nokia Bell Labs has a long tradition of grooming young minds to do amazing things. Father of Information Theory Claude Shannon and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt started their careers as interns at Nokia Bell Labs, as did dozens of other researchers, scientists and engineers who profoundly shaped the world we live in. As an intern at Nokia Bell Labs, you will have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge applied research in numerous fields. You will have some of the ICT industry’s brightest minds as mentors. And you’ll have access to the resources of Nokia Bell Labs itself. 

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AI/ML Systems and Algorithms

Business & Services Strategy

Cyberphysical Systems

Decentralized Systems, Web3, and Cryptonetworks

Network & Cloud Infrastructure

Network Security, Automation and AI Systems

Operations & Transformation

Optical Network and AI Systems

Pervasive Systems and Mobile Computing

Photonic Devices and Thermal Management

Radio AI Systems and Implementation

Real Time Cloud Native Software

SoC, Analog and Mixed Signal ASIC

Software Creation, Architecture, and Design

Solutions for Industry