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The internship program at Nokia Bell Labs has a long tradition of grooming young minds to do amazing things. Father of Information Theory Claude Shannon and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt started their careers as interns at Nokia Bell Labs, as did dozens of other researchers, scientists and engineers who profoundly shaped the world we live in. As an intern at Nokia Bell Labs, you will have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge applied research in numerous fields. You will have some of the ICT industry’s brightest minds as mentors. And you’ll have access to the resources of Nokia Bell Labs itself. 

Program benefits

Expand your field of study by experiencing an unparalleled diversity of people, expertise and perspectives. In classic Nokia Bell Labs style, you will leave changed forever by an experience that will redefine your future. Our interns will:

  • Meet and work with prize-winning researchers
  • Benefit from hands-on educational and collaborative experiences with real-world applications
  • Publish research results in major scientific venues, including top conferences and journals
  • Build life-long relationships and mentorships

“If you love history of computer science, this is the place to go. Everything was invented here, from C to Unix, lasers, transistors. They even have a Newton apple tree! Do not forget to check out the anechoic chamber.” — Intern review from Glassdoor

Virtual internships during COVID-19

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The Nokia Bell Labs 2020 Summer Internship Program was entirely virtual. Between June and August, interns had many opportunities to engage with Nokia Bell Labs leaders and researchers, both in one-on-one mentoring sessions and in larger symposia.

As part of those virtual engagements, Nokia Bell Labs President Marcus Weldon hosted a series of Fire Pit Chats — conversations with industry notables that share insights and perspective directly with interns. Every weekday, there was a talk led by an expert researcher or lab leader reviewing a diverse range of topics, including biosensing and human augmentation.

Other activities covered the latest developments in AI, machine learning, robot orchestration, 5G and 6G. Interns learned how art and technology intersect and why the most advanced communications technologies aren’t being targeted at your smartphone, but rather the factory floor.

The Fire Pit Chats

More student opportunities

Outside of internships, students can connect with Nokia Bell Labs research through the Distinguished Academic Partner program, which partners with numerous universities across the globe.