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The best possible access to our ecosystem partners here in Finland and abroad


The NBL Global Innovation Ecosystem and Partnerships team works with our business groups and Nokia Bell Labs representatives to ensure the best possible access to our partners here in Finland and abroad.



VETURI is Nokia’s leading ongoing ecosystem project in Finland. The goal is to unlock industrial 5G and develop and innovate new products, services and solutions. It also aims to commercialize them with other local ecosystem companies.

Industrial 5G provides significant business opportunities for Nokia and Finland in the mid-term. As part of the VETURI program, Nokia plans to invest approximately 50 million euros in 5G R&D in Finland over a three-year period. Nokia supports the target of increasing R&D intensity in Finland to 4 percent of GDP by 2030, and has estimated that Nokia’s participation in the program will contribute towards this goal.

Nokia plans to hire more people for its R&D teams. However, the VETURI program helps to create new jobs and business opportunities outside of this. Finland is a great place to fast track the development, verification, validation and testing of these new solutions with ecosystem partners. Nokia will also create additional R&D projects with its partners to address selected industry segments. These projects are already moving at full speed and intend to bring new innovation to Nokia products in the future.



Hexa-X is a broad collaborative initiative to frame the 6G research agenda and lay the groundwork for a long-term European investment in future wireless network technology. The Hexa-X consortium consists of 25 key players from adjacent industries and academia. Nokia Bell Labs has the overall lead and Ericsson plays the technical manager role in the project.
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RAMPE – Nokia’s Radio Access Machine Learning Product Evolution

RAMPE – Nokia’s Radio Access Machine Learning Product Evolution project will hit at the heart of deep research for system on chip technology with a new groundbreaking development in analog chip generation. We are collaborating with two core chip research SMEs and top research institutes. The project aims to combine the latest silicon developments with new artificial intelligence research.



LuxTurrim is a Nokia Bell Labs driven ecosystem project developing and demonstrating a fast 5G network based on smart poles with integrated antennas, base stations, sensors, screens and other devices. The project is a multi-disciplinary joint R&D activity working on several technologies such as new materials, smart pole design, miniaturized 5G base stations, a variety of sensors, data processing and analysis and integrating these together to build a foundation for new businesses.
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The collaboration between Nokia and the CEMS program results in several strategic business projects every spring. CEMS, as a unique global community, delivers a leading Master in International Management program, which educates responsible future leaders to contribute to creating a more open, sustainable and inclusive world. Nokia has been a dedicated CEMS corporate partner since the early days of Aalto’s CEMS membership, providing valuable support in building the bridge between studies and working life. Nokia's partnership also provides the company an intensive collaboration with other alliance universities.

Nokia’s contribution to building a bridge between students’ education and their working life has been invaluable in the CEMS program.

This semester, Nokia will be working with Aalto University as well as the French CEMS school HEC Paris. Their plan is to commission an interesting business project related to a new mobility service in Europe.

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Project contacts

Anu Koho

Innovation Support/ Community Manager

Pekka Kupila

Incubation Lead