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Our services for Webscale players

Bell Labs Consulting has extensive experience building cloud-native telecom businesses on Webscale platforms. Our projects are at the forefront of the industry change toward disaggregated and cloud-based infrastructure operations.

We help transform telco networks into multi-cloud environments, building new businesses and partnerships. We support Webscale players to build their own core, transport and access networks, new connectivity business models and innovative market approaches.

As Bell Labs Consulting, our global team of experts has unique knowledge in the field of design, deployment, and operations of software-driven network infrastructure and cloud-native network technologies, applied in projects for the most well-known market leaders.

What is the real CSP value opportunity for the Webscale players?

There’s an enormous untapped opportunity that Webscale companies can partner with CSPs to provide B2B value-added services or other I/P/SaaS aiming for B2B2C and B2C services.

In a recent country-wide study, Bell Labs Consulting looked at a 5-year potential revenue TAM for several industries, including manufacturing, construction, government, oil & gas, and trades/retail.

In this analysis, we found a potential $150M untapped revenue, or 15% of the total addressable market, driven by industrial automation that will require cloud and connectivity services.

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Such services will drive intense coopetition, and both Webscalers and CSPs will adopt different partnership models based on service needs and revenue opportunities. Bell Labs Consulting analyzed each model and associated risks and rewards.

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Methodology and approach

Capturing value created by new cloud services requires an effective balance of market assessment, partnership models, and profitability analysis.

Public or hybrid cloud roadmap requires strategies that provide a sustainable competitive advantage for both segments.

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Value delivered and insights

  • Industrial automation services enabled by 5G, IIoT, and cloud-based service delivery will create new revenue opportunities for Webscale and CSP, with an addressable market of $1B over the next five years.
  • Webscale-CSP partnership strategy should be based on a market/service segmented approach: adopt a CSP-alone strategy with multi-cloud abstraction layer & API extensions to Webscaler where possible, or Webscale on CSP to grab part of the IaaS cloud services value.
  • Webscale infra, both SW & HW, can be used mainly for on-prem private cloud if needed and for specific legacy apps or areas in which the CSP does not have expertise.
  • CSP edge cloud locations will provide an additional competitive advantage for the Webscale and their customers. An enterprise may choose on-premise for other reasons (e.g., data security), edge cloud always has a cost advantage due to:
    • Multitenancy advantages at edge location and resource pooling -> less HW
    • N+1 redundancy vs on-premise 1+1 -> less HW
    • Less HW -> reduced SW licenses and other operational costs
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Webscale Industry Practice Leader (acting)

Claudio Saes

Communication Service Providers Practice Lead

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We complement webscale's value to create a real impact.
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