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Through our unrivalled track record of innovation and leadership in mission-critical networks, Bell Labs Consulting has been enabling industries to realize the socio-economic potential of digitalization and automation.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is well underway, and we are now shaping and defining the Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR) – with human-technological interactions at the heart of the evolution. The untethering of sensors and actuators in industrial environments through the low-latency, high-bandwidth, high-reliability, and massive scale provided by wireless access based on 5G and its natural evolution to 6G will provide an unprecedented ability to digitize, analyze, comprehend and manipulate the physical world at a scale never previously thought possible. These new capabilities will enable us to create digital models of the physical world with ever higher levels of fidelity, further enhancing our ability to improve operational efficiencies and increase productivity and worker safety. Furthermore, this high-fidelity physical-digital fusion will not only unlock value and open up opportunities for Enterprises and Industries but is set to also significantly impact the broader society and economy.

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Today, Enterprises and Industries are better poised to begin their digitalization transformation with strategic investments in broad ecosystem of technologies that we call “5G+”. During this digitalization journey, our clients will be faced with fundamental shifts in network infrastructures and operations as well as the emergence of new ecosystems and value chains, new business models and potential partnerships – and at Bell Labs Consulting, our technology and business experts will help you navigate these to create and capture substantial new digital value.

To succeed in the digital 5G era, Enterprises and Industries will have to sharpen their competitive edge by embracing automation-powered efficiency, agility and increased safety, security and compliance in their processes. All of these will be made possible with 5G+ which will unlock Safety, Productivity and Efficiency (SPE) gains as well as open up new business opportunities. This digital transformation is unique to each industry, and it will require embracing new marketplaces and value-chains, actively developing ecosystems and partnerships, driving a common industry-wide voice, adoption of private networks where needed, and transforming networks and operations.

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Our services for Enterprises and Industries

Construct Optimal Digitalization Strategies

  • Value of enterprise automation - economic models of safety, productivity & efficiency gains
  • Digital service and technology strategies to realize optimal digitalization
  • Multi-dimensional evaluation of enterprise digitalization readiness
  • Optimal ICT implementation roadmaps to achieve required integration with Operation Technology

Develop Private Network Strategies

  • Private network strategy and design - spectrum strategies, device roadmaps, architectures
  • Ecosystem identification and evaluation
  • Optimal partnership strategies - with CSPs, hyperscalers, and vendors
  • Operations analysis and transformation roadmaps

Build Bespoke Business Models

  • RoI evaluation of individual use cases and architecture investments

Enterprises and Industry Practice Leader

Prabaharan Sukumaran

Enterprise Industry Practice Lead, Partner

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