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The advent of the human-technological revolution is redefining the laws of business survival. The digital-physical-fusion and human-augmentation, enabled by 5Ga and 6G and next generation compute technologies, will inevitably reshape the competitive landscape for every CSP.

To survive and thrive in such an evolving, dynamic market, our clients face a fundamental shift in underlying network and operations infrastructure as well as business models. Let our technology and business experts create a tailored strategy that will help your business capture the enormous opportunities of cloud-integrated networks and infrastructure platforms for consumer and industrial metaverses.

To succeed in the 5G era, CSPs move from their traditional consumer and connectivity-centric focus to a digital value focus that targets both consumers and enterprises. This means transforming network and operations infrastructure, embracing value-chain shifts, closing the right partnerships, and actively creating the ecosystem.

Our services for CSPs

Chart Service and Technology Strategies

  • Value created by emerging technologies and architectures for CSP; Macro-economic impact of investments
  • Assessment of CSP digitalization readiness
  • Determination of Digital Service and Cloud Platform strategies to achieve optimal digitalization
  • Optimal structural realignment to maximize CSP market cap

Deconstruct market and industry trends

  • Identification of industry shifts - market, business, and geopolitical trends
  • Competition analysis and sources of sustainable competitive advantage for CSP
  • Market assessment - value-based analysis of services and solutions
  • Identification of industry-specific service and use cases

Develop Network Technology and Architecture Blueprints

  • Mobile and fixed network strategy and design - transformation of network/platform technology and architecture
  • Assessment and optimization of network and platform resilience
  • Optimal partnership strategies - with hyperscale players, vendors, and aggregation platforms

Build Bespoke Business Models

  • Forecasting consumer and enterprise demands - across demographics, use cases and verticals
  • Financial models of revenues, costs and profitability - sensitivity to key parameters
  • Emerging business and use-case monetization models
  • Network traffic, compute needs and energy consumption modeling

Communications Service Providers Practice Leaders

Claudio Saes

Communication Service Providers Practice Lead

Gaurav Korde

Asia Market Lead, Partner

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