Zoran Radivojevic.jpeg

Zoran Radivojevic

Cambridge, UK
DMTS - IPR Synthesis Expert


Zoran Radivojevic is a scientist by education with background in Applied Physics.  My PhD involved designed & developed of complex detector systems for high energy physics at CERN/Geneva. I have worked at several EU Labs including CERN/ Geneva, CEA-LETI/Grenoble, LEGNARO/Padua and Helsinki Institute of Physics/Finland. At Nokia I worked between Nokia Research and Nokia Design units in Finland. Such fruitful cooperation combined scientific expertise and imagination capabilities resulting early concepting of future devices and services. I’m an author 100+  patents filled for Nokia across different technological fields. I enjoy synthesizing innovations conceptually involving new technologies to challenge existing ecosystem.

His interest involves synthesis and exploration of novel interaction paradigms (hyper connected human) with advanced portable devices involving Socaial dynamicis .

My latest involvement inculded pusing IP generation by using advnaced software and helping others to generated valuable Intelectual Property for the company.