Yue Jin

Dublin, Ireland


Yue Jin is currently a researcher in Advanced Analytics group at Bell Labs Ireland. She holds a doctorate in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from University of Massachusetts Amherst. She becomes a researcher at Bell Labs Ireland in 2008 after spending one and half years there as a post doctoral researcher.

Dr. Jin’s main research area is optimization and coordination in supply chain and service operations management. Her works include remanufacturing, order allocation policies, worker migration in service systems, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and smart data pricing. She’s constantly involved in internal and external research collaborations. She has also made major contributions in a number of projects that address practical problems for Alcatel-Lucent business units, including the reconfiguration of regional supply chains, the automation of spot carrier selection and the engineer scheduling in customer delivery units.


  • University of Massachusetts - Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (2007)
  • Tsinghua University - Master in Manufacturing Engineering (2002)
  • Tsinghua University - Bachelor in Automotive Engineering (2000)

Professional activities

  • Member of Instatitue for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
  • Peer Reviewer for Naval Research Logistics, Production and Operations Management Journal, Computers and Industrial Engineering

Selected articles and publications

  • Andrews, M., Y. Jin, M. Reiman. 2014. Pricing Sponsored Content in Wireless Networks with Multiple Content Providers. Submitted to 15th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation
  • Jin, Y., Z. Pang. 2014. Smart Data Pricing: Share or Not Share? Accepted at INFOCOM 2014 Workshop on Smart Data Pricing
  • Jin, Y., Q. Wang, U. Ozen. 2014. Capacity Flexibility or Commitment: Implications for Product Design and Channel Profit. Under revision at Manufacturing and Services Operations
  • Jin, Y., A. Muriel, Y. Lu. 2013. When to Offer Lower-Quality or Remanufactured Versions of a Product. In preparation for Decision Science Journal
  • Jin, Y., J.K. Ryan, W. Yund. 2013b. Sourcing Decisions with Competitive Suppliers and Imperfect Information. Accepted at Decision Science Journal
  • Jin, Y., J.K. Ryan, W. Yund. 2013a. Two Stage Procurement Processes With Competitive Suppliers And Uncertain Supplier Quality. Accepted at IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
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