Wouter Deburchgraeve

Antwerp, Belgium


2006-2010: PhD in biomedical engineering.
Developed algorithms applied to electroencephalography (EEG) for intensive care monitoring of newborns with brain damage.
2004-2006: Master in biomedical engineering.
2000-2004: Master in electrical engineering.

Selected articles and publications

First author peer reviewed papers:

- Deburchgraeve,  W. et al. Automated neonatal seizure detection mimicking a human observer reading EEG. Clinical  neurophysiology, vol. 119, no. 11, Dec. 2008, pp. 2447-2454.

- Deburchgraeve, W. et al.  Neonatal seizure localization using PARAFAC decomposition. Clinical Neurophysiology, vol. 120, no.10, Nov. 2009, pp. 1787-1796.

- Deburchgraeve, W. et al. Time varying neonatal seizure localization. Methods of Information in Medicine, vol. 49, no. 5, 2010, pp. 473-478.

- Deburchgraeve, W. et al. Automated artifact removal as preprocessing refines neonatal seizure detection. Clinical Neurophysiology, vol. 122, no. 12, Dec. 2011, pp. 2345-2354.