Wolfgang Templ

Stuttgart, Germany


received his PhD in Physics in 1990 from University of Stuttgart working at Max Planck Institute for Metal Physics on the field of nuclear methods (muon spin rotation) based investigation of magnetic ordering phenomena in antiferromagnetic materials.  Subsequently he spent two years as postdoc at MPI working on nuclear methods in solid state physics at Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland) and Rutherford Appleton Labs (UK).

Professional activities

joined Alcatel-SEL in 1992 where he worked for four years in the field of semiconductor component qualification and tests. From 1999 to 2005 he lead the microelectronic technology department of Alcatel Research Centre. After having worked in the optical networking department of Bell Labs Germany, mainly concentrating on identification, assessment and introduction of new device technologies for optical and wireless communication systems he is leading since Sept. 2013 the Bell Labs Wireless Transceiver Devices Group .


presently holding more than 40 active patents worldwide.