Crawford Hill, NJ, USA

Son Thai Le

Optical Transmission Systems Researcher


Son Thai Le is an Optical Transmission Systems Researcher at Nokia Bell Labs, Holmdel, NJ, USA. He received his joint bachelor and Master of Engineering (M.E.) degree with highest distinction from Southern Federal University in Russia in 2011 and 2012, respectively. He obtained his PhD in January 2016 from Aston University, UK. After that, he joined Digital Signal Processing department at Nokia Bell Labs in Stuttgart Germany. From May 2019, Son Thai Le has been with Nokia Bell Labs in Holmdel, NJ, USA.

Since joining Bell Labs in 2016, Son Thai Le has focused on various aspects of optical communications, including nonlinearity mitigation with novel coding and multiplexing approaches such as Nonlinear Frequency Division Multiplexing (NFDM), high-speed short-reach transmissions and 5G mobile front-haul. He is the record holder in almost every aspects of NFDM transmissions, including the highest data rate, highest spectral efficiency, longest reach, ect. He also demonstrated a record data rate of 510 Gb/s over 80 km for direct detected optical transmission systems using a single-ended photodiode. He has also demonstrated the highest data rate in all 5G IF-over-fiber systems reported so far.


Joint Bachelor & Master in EE, Southern Federal University, Russia, 2012

PhD in EE, Aston University, UK, 2016

Professional activites

 Regular reviewer for Journal of Lightwave Tech., Photonics Tech. Letters, Optics Express, Optica etc


Selected articles and publications

 Son T. Le, V. Aref and H. Buelow, “Nonlinear signal multiplexing for communication beyond the Kerr nonlinearity limit,” Nature Photonics ,11 (2017).

 Son T. Le, Karsten Schuh, Roman Dischler, Fred Buchali, Laurent Schmalen, Henning Buelow, “Beyond 400 Gb/s Direct Detection over 80km for Data Center Interconnect Applications” Journal of Lightwave Technology, 2019, (invited paper)


Son T. Le, Karsten Schuh, Fred Buchali and Henning Buelow, “1.6 Tbps Virtual-Carrier Assisted WDM Direct Detection Transmission over 1200 km” Journal of Lightwave Technology, 2018, (invited paper)


Son T. Le, K. Schuh, M. Chagnon, F. Buchali, R. Dischler, V. Aref, H. Buelow and K. Engenhardt, 1.72Tb/s Virtual-Carrier Assisted Direct-Detection Transmission over 200km” Journal of Lightwave Technology, 36, 6, March15, (2018) (invited paper).

Son T. Le, V. Aref and H. Buelow, “High Speed Pre-Compensated Nonlinear Frequency-Division Multiplexed Transmission” Journal of Lightwave Technology, 36, 6, March15, (2018) (invited paper)


Fred Buchali, Xuan-Quang Du, Karsten Schuh, Son T. Le, Markus Grözing, Manfred Berroth, " A SiGe HBT BiCMOS 1-to-4 ADC Frontend Enabling Low Bandwidth Digitization of 100 GBaud PAM4 Data “, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 2019, (invited paper)

Son T. Le, Jaroslaw E. Prilepsky, P. Rosa et al., “Nonlinear Inverse Synthesis for Optical Links with Distributed Raman Amplification,” Journal of Lightwave Technology (2016) (invited paper)


 Son T. Le, Paul A. Haigh, Andrew D. Ellis et al., “Blind Phase Noise Compensation for CO-OFDM Transmissions,” Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. PP, no. 99 (2016) (invited paper)


Son T. Le, Mary E. McCarthy, Naoise Mac Suibhne et al., "Phase-conjugated Pilots for Fiber Nonlinearity Compensation in CO-OFDM Transmission," Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol.33, no.5, pp.1-7 (2015) (invited paper).


Honors & Awards

European Innovator under 35, MIT Technology Review, 2018

Innovator of the Year Germany 2018, awarded by MIT Technology review, 2018

Best paper award 2018, ITG (Germany association of information and communication technologies).

Best paper award, The 2019 6th NAFOSTED Conference on Information and Computer Science (NICS’19), Dec. 2019

Outstanding Reviewer ofJournal of Lightwave Tech. 2016, 2019

The best SFedU graduate in 2012, Jul 2012

Winner in all–Russian Mathematics Olympiad for Technical Universities, 2008