Sining Chen

Murray Hill, NJ, USA


SINING CHEN is a member of technical staff in the IP Platforms Research Program at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey. She received a B.S. in applied mathematics from Tsinghua
University, Beijing, China, and a Ph.D. in statistics from Duke University, Durham,
North Carolina. Prior to joining Bell Labs, she was an associate professor at the Department of Biostatistics, Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences building risk prediction models for cancer.


PhD in Statistics and Decision Sciences, Duke University, 2002
BS in Applied Mathematics, Tsinghua University, 1997

Selected articles and publications

 “Demand Forecasting in Smart Grids”, Piotr Mirowski, Sining Chen, Tin Kam Ho, Chun-Nam Yu, BLTJ, 2014

"A Multi-Layer Dynamic Model for Customer Experience Analytics", Sining Chen, Tin Kam Ho, Avinash Vyas, Jin Cao, and Jeffrey Spiess, BLTJ, 2014


Ahmed Nizam, Sining Chen, Stephen Wong,  "Best-Case Kappa Scores Calculated Retrospectively From EEG Report Database", Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology, 2013


Chen S, Wang C, Eberley L, Caffo B, and Schwartz BS, (2009) “Adaptive Control of the False Discovery Rate in Voxel-Based Morphometry”, Human Brain Mapping, 30(7): 2304-2311

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Chu H, Chen S, and Louis TA. (2009) “Random Effects Models in a Meta-Analysis of the Accuracy of Two Diagnostic Tests without a Gold Standard”, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 104(486) 512-523



"A Multi-Layer Dynamic Model for Customer Experience Analytics", pending

“Best Kappa scores for measuring inter-rater reliability”, pending

"CHASM: Cancer-specific High-throughput Annotation of Somatic Mutations".  Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer (JHTT) reference #C11081. Co-inventor.