Siegfried Klein

Stuttgart, Germany

Selected articles and publications

„Energy Savings in Mobile Networks Based on Adaptation to Traffic Statistics “, Oliver Blume, Harald Eckhardt, Siegfried Klein, Edgar Kuehn, and Wieslawa M. Wajda , Bell Labs Technical Journal 15(2), 77–94 (2010)
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„Potential of intra-LTE, intra-frequency load balancing “, Siegfried Klein, Ingo Karla, Edgar Kuehn , IWSON 2011
„Vertical Antenna Tilt Optimization for LTE Base Stations “,Harald Eckhardt, Siegfried Klein, Markus Gruber , IWSON 2011
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„Self-Optimization of Capacity and Coverage in LTE Networks Using a Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning Approach “, R. Razavi, S. Klein, H. Claussen, PIMRC 2010 „Topologies of wireless mesh networks with inband backhauling “, Markus Gruber, Siegfried Klein, Serkan Uygungelen, David Chieng, It Ee Lee, Dietrich Zeller , PIMRC 2010
„A novel sampling method for the spatial frequencies of sinusoid-based shadowing models “, Siegfried Klein, Serkan Uygungelen, Christian M. Mueller, VTC 2010
„Assessment of Downlink Signaling Performance for Intra-LTE intra-frequency Mobility Load Balancing “, Siegfried Klein . WCNC 2012