Shirin Jalali

Murray Hill, NJ, USA

Research Interests


Shirin Jalali is a researcher in information sciences at Bell Labs. Her main research interests are in the areas of information theory and statistical signal processing. She is particularly interested in problems related to data acquisition, data compression, network coding, universal coding and network information theory.



  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 2010
  • M.Sc. in Statistics, Stanford University, 2010
  • M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, 2004
  • B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, 2002

    Selected articles and publications

     Journal Papers:


    • S. Jalali, and A. Maleki, "From compression to compressed sensing"  Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis (ACHA), 2015
    • S. Jalali. and M. Effros, "Separation of source-network coding and channel coding in wireline networks," IEEE Transactions on Information Theory,vol. 61, no. 4, April 2015
    •  Z. Zeinalpour-Yazdi, S. Jalali, "Outage analysis of uplink two-tier networks,"IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 62, no. 9, Sep. 2014
    • S. Jalali, A. Maleki, and R. Baraniuk, "Minimum complexity pursuit for universal compressed sensing," IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 60, no. 4, April 2014
    • S. Jalali, T. Weissman, "Block and sliding-block lossy compression via MCMC," IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 60, no. 8, August 2012.
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    •  S. Jalali, A. Montanari, T. Weissman, "Lossy compression of discrete sources via Viterbi algorithm," IEEE Transactions on Information theory,  vol. 58, no. 4, April 2012.
    • S. Jalali, S. Verdú, T. Weissman, "A universal scheme for Wyner-Ziv coding of discrete sources", IEEE Transactions on Information theory, vol. 56, no. 4, pp. 1737-1750, April 2010.
    • S. Jalali, B.H. Khalaj, "Power control for multirate DS-CDMA systems with imperfect successive interference cancellation," IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 57, no. 1, Jan. 2008.



    • S. Jalali, Z. Zeinalpour-Yazdi, H. V. Poor, "Outage performance of uplink two-tier networks under backhaul constraints" [arxiv]
    • S. Jalali, H. V. Poor, "Universal compressed sensing of Markov sources," 2014  [arxiv]
    • S. Jalali, and T. Ho, "On capacity region of wiretap networks" [arxiv]




    • S. Jalali, T. Weissman, \Universal lossy compression via Markov chain Monte Carlo," patent no. 8320687, issued: 11/27/2012.
    • M. Eff ros, R. Koetter, T. Ho, and S. Jalali, N. Koetter, "Systems and methods of network analysis and characterization," application no. US 13/364,195, pending.