Ryo Koblitz

Cambridge, UK
Senior Research Scientist

Research Interests


Ryo is a member of the Modeling and Optimization department at Nokia Bell Labs, Cambridge, UK, where he contributes to machine learning for wireless communications research activities. He read mechanical engineering at University College London and scientific computing at the University of Cambridge, obtaining a BEng and MPhil, respecitvely. Ryo obtained his PhD in physics at the Centre for Scientific Computing at the University of Cambridge, developing multi-scale modeling approaches for viscoplastic media using analytic and numerical methods. Whilst completing his doctoral studies he interned at Nokia Bell Labs, Cambridge, UK where he applied Bayesian learning methods to sequential decision making problems, and consequently got bitten by the machine learning bug. He now applies many of the same techniques honed during his time working on computational physics to learning problems in the wireless domain.


2014-2020, University of Cambridge, UK

PhD in Physics, 2020

MPhil in Scientific Computing (Spurstow Scholar Award), 2015

2011-2014, University College London, UK

BEng in Mechanical Engineering (Archibald P Head Award)

Selected articles and publications

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