Rafael Rios Müller

Paris-Saclay, France

Research Interests


I was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1988. After receiving the Engineer’s degree in communications networks from University of Brasília in 2011 and M.Sc. degree in digital communications systems from University Pierre and Marie Curie/Télécom Paristech in 2013, I joined  the WDM transmission group at Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent where I pursued and obtained the Ph.D. degree in electronics and communication in collaboration with the Electronics and Physics department at Télécom SudParis. My thesis is entitled "Advanced modulation formats and signal processing for high speed spectrally efficient optical communications". In 2016, I joined Nokia Bell Labs as a full-time research engineer.

My research interests include advanced modulation formats, digital signal processing and channel coding for spectrally efficient long-haul high-speed optical communications systems. I have contributed to several record experimental demonstrations of very high speed and/or long distance systems including:

- the first 1 Tb/s signal generation and detection based on 124 Gbaud PDM-32QAM signal using a novel sub-band transmitter

- the first single-carrier 400 Gb/s transmission over transatlantic distances based on PDM-16QAM at 64 Gbaud and joint optimization of symbol rate and SC-LDPC FEC overhead

Additionally, I have worked on the following subjects:

- modulation format optimization and comparison (4-dimensional modulation formats, time-interleaved hybrid formats, "FEC decoder"-aware and "code rate"-aware modulation format optimization )

- blind equalization and estimation of transmitter/receiver imperfections

- high-speed (beyond 100 Gb/s) intensity-modulated/direct-detection (IM/DD) short reach systems and advanced modulation for IM/DD systems (multi-dimension modulation formats)

- density estimation using neural networks to characterize and mitigate nonlinear distortions with memory

I am author/co-author of several top-tier journal and conference papers (including numerous post-deadline papers) as well as patents in the field of optical communications. 

Selected articles and publications

  • Rafael Rios-Muller et al., "Optimized spectrally efficient transceiver for 400-Gb/s single carrier transport." Presented in Post-Deadline session of 2014 European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC),Cannes, 2014.
  • Rafael Rios-Muller et al., "Blind Receiver Skew Compensation and Estimation for Long-Haul Non-Dispersion Managed Systems Using Adaptive Equalizer," to appear in Journal of Lightwave Technology