Raf Huysegems

Antwerp, Belgium


Researching AI based solutions that can support programmers in their daily activities.


Raf Huysegems received his master’s degree in industrial sciences (electronics) from Group‑T Leuven, Belgium.

Selected articles and publications

G. Heyman, R. Huysegems, P. Justen, T. Van Cutsem "Natural Language-guided Programming" Onward! 2021

R. Huysegems, H. van der Hooft, T. Bostoen, P. Rondao Alface, S. Petrangeli, T. Wauters, F. De Turck "HTTP/2-Based Methods to Improve the Live Experience of Adaptive Streaming" ACM Multi Media 2015, Brisbane Australia

S. Petrangeli, T. Wauters, R. Huysegems, T. Bostoen, F. De Turck  "Network-based Dynamic Prioritization of HTTP Adaptive Streams to Avoid Video Freezes", QCMAN 2015 Ottawa, Canada, May 11-15, 2015.

T. Wu, R. Huysegems, T. Bostoen "Scalable Network-Based Video-Freeze Detection for HTTP Adaptive Streaming", IWQoS 2015, Portland Oregon, USA ,June 15th/16th 2015.

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Raf Huysegems is author and co-author of 32 patents in areas such as networking and video transport.
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