Paul King

Dublin, Ireland


Paul received his bachelors degree in experimental physics from Trinity College Dublin in 2008. In 2013, Paul received a PhD from School of Physics TCD on electrical and electrochemical properties of nanostructured thin films. He joined Bell Labs Ireland in 2013. He works in research areas that include: Energy Storage, Future Battery Technologies and Supercapacitors. Paul's is interested in nanomaterial processing and applying promising discoveries to the “real world”.  

Other interests include: reading, lifting weights and watching sports in my spare time. He has a real passion for Taekwondo and has competed on ITF Ireland National team.  Paul is now part of coaching team. He enjoys a challenge.


BA Mod Hons Experimental Physics, Trinity College Dublin, 2008
Phd School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin 2013 "Percolation Effects in Nanostructured Thin Films"

Selected articles and publications

Liquid Phase Production of Graphene by Exfoliation of Graphite in Surfactant/Water Solutions. Mustafa Lotya, Yenny Hernandez, Paul J. King, et al. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2009 131 (10), 3611-3620

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High-Concentration, Surfactant-Stabilized Graphene Dispersions. Mustafa Lotya, Paul J King, Umar Khan, Sukanta De, and Jonathan N Coleman ACS Nano 2010 4 (6), 3155-3162

Improvement of Transparent Conducting Nanotube Films by Addition of Small Quantities of Graphene. Paul J. King, Umar Khan, Mustafa Lotya, Sukanta De, and Jonathan N. Coleman. ACS Nano 2010 4 (7), 4238-4246

Size Effects and the Problem with Percolation in Nanostructured Transparent Conductors. Sukanta De, Paul J. King, Philip E. Lyons, Umar Khan, and Jonathan N. Coleman. ACS Nano 2010 4 (12), 7064-7072

Two-Dimensional Nanosheets Produced by Liquid Exfoliation of Layered Materials. Jonathan N. Coleman, Mustafa Lotya, Arlene O’Neill, Shane D. Bergin, Paul J. King, et al.Science 4 2011: 331 (6017), 568-571

Large-Scale Exfoliation of Inorganic Layered Compounds in Aqueous Surfactant Solutions.Rónán J. Smith, Paul J. King et al. Advanced Materials 2011 23: 3944–3948 

Percolation Effects in Supercapacitors with Thin, Transparent Carbon Nanotube Electrodes. Paul J. King, Thomas M. Higgins, Sukanta De, Norbert Nicoloso, and Jonathan N. Coleman. ACS Nano 2012 6 (2), 1732-1741