Pascal Justen

Antwerp, Belgium


Pascal Justen received his Master’s degree in Industrial Sciences (Electronics) at the Erasmus Hogeschool in Brussels, Belgium, in 1995. He joined Alcatel-Lucent Antwerp the same year. He worked as a software engineer on several Alcatel-Lucent products, such as Multimedia Switch, Call Server and DSLAM. He joined Bell Labs in 2005 where he worked as a network and software architect on TR-069 related topics such as TR-069 protocol extensions and co-creation of the Home Service Manager and associated TR-069 Management Agent. In 2009 he moved on multimedia distribution techniques where he started to specialize in GPU resource muxing and rendering technologies. His research work has led to the creation of a scalable multi-user-multi-application GPU resource sharing and compositing framework (a.k.a. VGL) which later became a fundamental building block for several projects (FlexTV/Garlic, Fascinate). More recently, Pascal joined the IP Platform Program, where he is investigating on HW resource usage monitoring and optimizations of virtualized environments.