Pablo Perez

Madrid, Spain


I am a researcher in Bell Labs department for Distributed Reality Solutions, specializing in real-time and high-scale video processing and distribution systems, as well as Quality of Experience. 

I have deep experience in real-time and high-scale video processing and distribution systems. Before joining Bell Labs, I was an R&D systems designer in Nokia Video BU, where I was a core designer of video products for IPTV and OTT systems, including error protection, fast channel change, DRM, content personalization and video transcoding. In parallel, I was also a key member in several research projects around video Quality of Experience, immersive 3D communications and personalized content. This allowed me to get a PhD in Telecommunication Engineering (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 2013), which received Ericsson Spain award to the best PhD Thesis in applications for multimedia environments.

I am currently researching how to use technology in general, and immersive media in particular, to improve human communication. I am particularly interested in how to measure the Quality of Experience of immersive communications, and this is why I am co-chair of Immersive Media Group at the Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG).


  • Doctor Ingeniero de Telecomunicación (PhD) from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (2013). Doctoral Award from UPM.
  • Ingeniero de Telecomunicación (BSc + MSc) from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (2004). Highest GPA among graduates.

Professional activities

2017-Today. Researcher on Future Video Technologies at Nokia Bell Labs.

2017-Today. Profesor ad-honorem at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

2018-Today. Co-chair of Immersive Media Group at VQEG. Chair of 5G-KPI group at VQEG.

2012-2017. Video Systems Design lead at Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia. 

2006-2011. IPTV R&D Engineer at Alcatel-Lucent.

2004-2006. R&D Engineer at Telefónica I+D

Selected articles and publications

You can reach my publications at my Google Scholar profile.

Some significant publications below.

My background:

  • P. Pérez, J. Macías, J.J. Ruiz, N. García. “Effect of Packet Loss in Video Quality of Experience”. Bell Labs Technical Journal, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 91-104, Jun. 2011.
  • J. Gutiérrez, P. Pérez, F. Jaureguizar, J. Cabrera, N. García, “Subjective assessment of the impact of transmission errors in 3DTV compared to HDTV”, IEEE 3DTV Conf., 3DTV-CON 2011, Antalya, Turkey, pp. 1-4, 16-18 May 2011.

My current research topic:

  • Pablo Perez, Ester Gonzalez-Sosa, Redouane Kachach, Jaime Ruiz, Ignacio Benito, Francisco Pereira, and Alvaro Villegas. 2019. Immersive Gastronomic Experience with Distributed Reality. In IEEE 5th Workshop on Everyday Virtual Reality (WEVR). IEEE.


I currently have submitted over 15 patent proposals to EPO. I was awarded for being among the top 10 inventors of Nokia Spain for all times.